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Posted: January 21, 2014

Zentangle! An emerging art form

By Helen Duckworth

Cranbrook and District Arts Council

Cranbrook and District Arts Council is pleased to introduce Cindy Hagen as the instructor for an exciting new workshop at the Cranbrook and District Arts Council.

Z1Zentangle! It’s fun to read and even more fun to say but what is Zentangle? The Zentangle Method is an easy to learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images using drawn, structured patterns. An up-and-coming art form, seen recently in areas of contemporary graphic design and graphic novels, The Zentangle method uses pigma pens to draw structured intertwining patterns. Pigma pens are different in that they use pigments instead of dyes and are fast drying, which makes the practice challenging, rewarding and long-lasting. These creations are drawn on to small 3 ½ inch square paper tiles to create delicate pieces that are intricate works of art.

Instructor Cindy was first introduced to Zentangle after seeing a print advertisement for a workshop at Centre 64 in Kimberley in September of 2012. As someone who was interested in art, but was hesitant to try a class, Cindy saw Zentangle as a perfect outlet for her creativity. ‘It’s suitable for people of all ages and artistic skills levels’, she says ‘you can draw as often or as little as you want, draw for fifteen minutes or for five days, and create beautiful and interesting pieces, no two are ever the same!’

When asked what makes Zentangle different from other art forms, Cindy explains ‘you’re using quality materials, so you get quality results. Not only that, but the materials needed for Zentangle are small and lightweight, therefore more portable.’ The skills and techniques you learn in Zentangle can also be applied to other art practices. Finished tiles can be framed, collaged or you can use the art style in your other artworks with Zentanlges showing up on cards, in scrapbooking, on canvas running shoes and more besides!

Z3Zentangle can also be a collaborative and social medium, with students in classes sharing ideas, admiring other’s works or even ‘sharing a tangle’ by passing a tile around the room and having each student add a component.

Zentangle isn’t just about creating beautiful artwork though. Many students and educators of the style cite it as a ‘practice,’ similar to yoga, in that it’s a form of creative relaxation. ‘It’s so wonderful!’ Cindy enthuses, ‘people are so busy in their lives, they’re too busy doing nice things for other people to stop and do something rewarding for them’ and Zentangle can be just that.

Having taken a basic and an advanced course herself, Cindy took it upon herself to become a Certified Zentangle Instructor in October of 2013 and now teaches classes here in Cranbrook. You can take a class at the Cranbrook and District Arts Council on Saturday, February 1 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

For $35, you’ll not only get two hours of professional instruction from a certified Zentangle instructor, but you’ll also get your own Zentangle kit in a pouch with a pigma pen and tiles of your own. Pre-registration is required so call 250-426-4223 or register via today to avoid disappointment!

To find out more information about workshops, or the Cranbrook and District Arts Council in general, please contact Helen via [email protected] or call on 250-426-4223, or visit their website

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