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Posted: September 24, 2012

Guide’s Hut will realize savings with energy efficiency

LiveSmart BC Business Energy Testimonial

The Guide’s Hut, Fernie

Beth Gallup, co-owner of The Guide’s Hut in Fernie discovered the LiveSmart BC Small Business program,http://www.livesmartbc.ca/incentives/small-business/index.html while researching options for an unrelated project. She was happy to learn free business energy assessments were being offered to eligible small businesses in British Columbia.

Beth called Kootenay Region LiveSmart BC Energy Advisor, Marilyn Christensen to ask if The Guide’s Hut was eligible for the assessment as well as rebates on energy efficient products. Marilyn asked for basic information from their utility statements. A short time later, Marilyn called with good news. The Guide’s Hut was eligible for the free assessment and rebates through the BC Hydro Product Incentive Program. http://www.bchydro.com/powersmart/business/small_medium_business.html .

Marilyn set up a mutually-convenient time to visit the mountain equipment store. She walked Beth through the Business Energy Assessment. They talked about potential energy savings and rebates through BC Hydro.  Marilyn recommended replacing the older model refrigerator in the staff kitchen. Refrigeration units have made great gains in energy efficiency in recent years. A 30-year old fridge will use, on average, three times the energy of today’s Energy Star model. This means a savings in energy costs of about $300 per year.

When they learned of the savings, Beth and her business partner Mark Gallup purchased a new small, bar-sized refrigerator to replace their old full-sized one. It takes up less space, better suits their needs and will pay for itself in energy savings within one year. They also put into practice some operational changes: turning off lights not in use; switching some inefficient incandescent bulbs to LEDs; and, turning off the air conditioning at night when the store is closed. Beth says she saw immediate savings in their utility bill. She and Mark are planning to completely upgrade their lower level fluorescent lighting in the near future.

The entire process was so quick and easy. Plus a business can apply for the rebates more than once as each stage of a renovation project progresses. When asked what she would tell other business owners, Beth replied, “To do it!”

Photo: Beth Gallup, co-owner of The Guide’s Hut http://www.theguideshut.ca/ in the beautiful well lit showroom.

by Maureen Frank, LiveSmart BC Administrative Assistant, Kootenay Region & Marilyn Christensen, LiveSmart BC Business Energy Advisor, Kootenay Region with owners Beth and Mark Gallup

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