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Posted: March 17, 2015

KRIC workshops tackle tech on new dates

Technology Integration for Small Businesses workshops will run on March 30 in Golden and March 31 in Cranbrook

If you’re in business, and you care about your bottom line, it’s a temptation to try newer and better technology. But not all technological ‘fixes,’ well, fix.

It’s an all-too common experience for many small businesses, which is why Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council (KRIC) has decided to postpone its Technology Integration workshops to March 30 and 31, to allow a greater number of businesses to attend.

Kevin Shepit, Project Manager for KRIC said, “These are going to be really valuable for our region’s small business community and we wanted to make sure as many people as possible knew about the opportunity.”

The workshops will be delivered by GO Productivity’s Mike Kluh in Golden on Monday, March 30 and in Cranbrook on Tuesday, March 31.

Kluh, whose training in Lean principles colour his perspective on using technology in a small business, said, “There are many options to improvement, but it’s not a matter of just adding in new technology without strategizing first.”

“To integrate new technology successfully into your business, you need to start at the beginning. You need to hone in on your business direction, anticipated growth and costs first, before you can evaluate the advantages of integrating new technology.”

What sort of technologies might small businesses want to consider? Those that deal in information, data and communications for a start, and including cloud networks and customer relationship management systems.

Workshop participants will learn to think about productivity not just as efficiency, but also as resourcefulness.

“Proust said, ‘Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes,’” Kluh said. “And this is a sound approach to bringing new technology into your business. The first, best steps always involve seeing what’s really there.”

Perhaps you’ve tried to incorporate upgrades to some of the technology you use in your small business. Perhaps you’ve failed to realize the benefits you were expecting. Don’t despair. Kluh can help you unpack what happened, and what you can do next time.

“Executing bad processes faster is not a way to increase productivity,” he said. “Often, though, small business owners are enticed by the latest-and-greatest gadgets and services, and they neglect the strategic, resourceful thinking.”

The workshop will introduce a step-by-step process for successful implementation of technology in your business. It will also cover some change-management strategies to use with your staff.

The $40 registration fee includes snacks and refreshments as well as all workshop materials. For more details or to register, visit or email [email protected].KRIC

This workshop is made possible thanks to KRIC’s Premier Sponsor, Community Futures East Kootenay, along with Fortis BC, Teck, the City of Kimberley, the Columbia Basin Trust and the Elk Valley Economic Initiative.


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