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Posted: March 31, 2012

Garry Anderson receiving major Canadian museum award

Garry Anderson, executive director of the Cranbrook Archives, Museum and Landmark (CAMAL) Foundation, which includes the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, was recently notified that he will receive the ‘Award of Distinguished Service’ from the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) for 2012.

The letter to Garry from John McAvity, executive director of the Canadian Museums Association, stated, “This award is for individuals who have made a distinctive contribution to the museum community. The jury of peers, which received your nomination from some secret friends, admirers and peers, was very impressed with your commitment and dedication throughout the years.”

The increasing recognition of the unique railcar collection to be of national and international importance was probably also a factor. Along with his Order of Canada in 2007, this award stands as one of two major highlights of his 36-year career.

Corinne Friesen, the new board chair sums it up: “This is wonderful news for Garry, for the Museum’s Board of Directors and for Cranbrook, so I hope people realize this is a very prestigious national award. It speaks volumes about his contribution to museums in general with his specialized knowledge of preserving large artifacts (stored outdoors that are the size of houses), which are not able to be protected in glass cases as in normal museums. It also speaks to his enormous contribution to our community for without him there would be no museum. He started it and has worked with well over 100 board members all along, in addition to his involvement in national, provincial, regional and local organizations and committees”.

This is a major award given annually by the CMA representing museums across Canada. It will be presented to Mr. Anderson at the CMA Annual Conference in Ottawa from April 24 – 27, with the actual presentation taking place at the Banquet on Wed. April 25.


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