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Posted: February 21, 2012

Miss Emily Goes to Bat for Kootenay Child Development Centre

Local author Trina Ayling and artist Micheline Ryckman recently concluded over two months of fundraiser readings for the Kootenay Child Development Centre.

Ayling and Ryckman launched their first book, Miss Emily Goes to Bat, in mid October of 2011 and offered to donate 20% of the retail cost for sales through December 2011 to the Centre. To promote the fundraiser, the duo held readings at a number of schools, local libraries and bookstores in the East Kootenay area.

“A children’s book is such a great tie-in to the Center because literacy is so important to a child’s learning and development,” said Ayling.  “We liked the idea that when people bought our book they were investing in their child as much as the Development Centre.”

Ayling advised that they sold around 70 books at the fundraisers and that allowed them to donate over $200 to the Centre.

“Our next book should be coming out in the spring, and we hope to continue to support the Centre,” said Ayling.

The Kootenay Child Development Centre will house a number of child practitioners and specialists which will reduce travel costs and undue stress for families who are currently forced to travel in order to receive the specialist services their children require.

The Centre has raised over $900,000 of its $1.1 million goal and has a scheduled occupancy date of April 1, 2012. For more information on the Kootenay Child Development Centre or to make a donation visit their website at

For information on Miss Emily Goes to Bat or to book a reading for your organization or classroom go to

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