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Posted: November 8, 2019

Alan Mallory Reaching New Heights Presentation

Date(s) - 08/11/2019
12:00 am

Columbia Valley Centre


Reaching New Heights Alan Mallory Community Presentation.

Presented by the District of Invermere.

Reaching New Heights is a gripping and informative presentation built around a two-month expedition and world record set by Alan Mallory and three members of his immediate family on Mount Everest. From teetering across ladders spanning seemingly bottomless crevasses and fighting the many altitude-related sicknesses to climbing through a blizzard in the dead of night, every segment of the climb was filled with intense, extraordinary challenges. Alan’s presentation is about the resilience, perseverance and strategy that contributed to his family’s achievement on the mountain as well as the importance of connection, specifically with our environment, our team members and ourselves.

Alan is an international speaker, author and performance coach who is passionate about leadership and reaching new heights in all that we do! His unique philosophy of life revolves around empowering people and embracing an agile mentality focused on goals and results. Alan holds a degree in engineering from Queen’s University and a masters in psychology from Adler University, giving him a well-balanced approach to the outer and inner challenges we all face.

Building experience through a lifestyle of adventure and challenge, in the spring of 2008 Alan embarked on the journey of a lifetime and set a world record on Mount Everest along with three members of his immediate family. It was a two-month expedition through some of the most exciting yet terrifying conditions imaginable.

November 8th, 2019

Columbia Valley Centre

Doors open at 6:30pm

Presentation starts at 7 pm

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