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Posted: April 27, 2023

Fisher Peak Winter Ale Concert Series

Date(s) - 27/04/2023
6:30 pm

Key City Theatre


April 27th 7pm JACK & MATTHEW Jack Spring and Matthew Kumpula have a passion for music! From a very young age, they became skilled at various instruments and vocals. While in school, they formed a band with a third friend as their drummer to perform for their school and at a local talent night in a well-known restaurant. They enjoy jamming together and test themselves with many different genres. Jack and Matthew hope you enjoy the songs that they have carefully chosen just for you.

April 27th 8pm THE LONESOME ACE STRING BAND features John Showman on fiddle, Max Heineman on bass, and Chris Coole – all contribute vocals. This band came together while doing endless “bluegrass brunch” gigs at Toronto’s landmark roots bar The Dakota Tavern. Although all three had played together for years in The Foggy Hogtown Boys, the music they came up with as a trio seemed different enough to warrant a new band. Although they consider themselves an “Old Time” band, their sound and approach may not have an obvious link to any “pure” strain of traditional music…which is fine by them. They just love playing together. WATCH VIDEO

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