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Posted: July 4, 2020

Summer Farmers Market

Date(s) - 04/07/2020
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Rotary Park


We have had many questions about what to expect on Saturday, so we made a list of FAQs:
1. Can I bring my own bags? YES but please pack your own groceries. If you need help packing please ask a volunteer.
2. Can I pay cash? Some vendors will not be accepting cash, but most will. We have procedures in place to make sure hands stay clean and are not touching any food.
3. Do I have to wear a mask? This is optional, please do what makes you feel comfortable and safe.
4. Will you have time for seniors to shop? YES, the first 30 mins after opening is reserved for those that need more time. Seniors, those with mobility issues, families with young children and those with immunity concerns will be served first.
5. What does ‘Shop don’t stop’ mean? Please move through the market as you would at the grocery store, we will only be allowing small groups in at a time to allow for social distancing.
6. How far apart will I need to be from other shoppers and vendors? 2 meters or 6 ft is safe social distancing.
7. Can I eat at the market? Not at this time, we ask that you take your food out of the market to consume it. Rotary park is a lovely spot to have a picnic!
8. Will there be live music? Sadly, at this time we are not able to have this be a part of the market.

If you have any questions we didnt answer please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

See you on Saturday!

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