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Posted: February 25, 2016

$10,000 from the heart for the heart

The Invermere Health Care Auxiliary (IHCA) and its volunteers continue to show their commitment and dedication to health care not just for the Columbia Valley but support for regional care through its latest donation.

IHCA President Paige Ukass and JoAnne Myers (Secretary) were in Cranbrook to attend the East Kootenay Regional Hospital ICU Open House ribbon cutting Feb. 19. The IHCA was one of three health care auxiliaries participating in the historical event celebrating their auxiliary’s $50,000 major gift to the ICU project. After the completion of the official ceremony it’s what IHCA did next that makes this story.

Following up on a granting request presented by East Kootenay Foundation for Health (EKFH) on behalf of the EKRH Cardiology unit, the IHCA has generously donated $10,000 to purchase Smart Stress Cardiology software for the unit. This leading edge technology will reduce the timelines for patients undergoing echocardiogram testing from four hours to one hour.

The software will also provide the EKRH Internists with side-by-side results from the initial and post stress tests allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment options for the patient.

The benefits of the software is no radiation to patients (young or old), better viewing for Internists, better pre-op diagnosis for patients and surgeons and much quick results. At the present time roughly 12-24 stress tests per month are conducted through the EKRH Cardiology Unit.

“This is an example of what collaborative fundraising and common purpose is all about,” says outgoing EKFH Executive Director Donna Grainger. “EKFH and IHCA have created some magical moments by joining together for betterment of patients in the region. I am so very proud of our relationship and the work we have accomplished.”

The Invermere Health Care Auxiliary and its volunteers simply giving from the heart for the heart.  Haven’t been to the IHCA Thrift Shop yet? Drop in and pay them a visit (1313 7th Ave, Invermere) and see the unbelievable items that the Thrift Shop offers.

Above photo: Brian Clifford (EKFH Co-Chair), Dr. Bill Newsome, IHCA’s Paige Ukass and JoAnne Myers are all smiles not just for ICU but Cardiology too!


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