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Posted: December 30, 2012

2012 in Review – January to April

Images of 2012

January to April

The following presentation (below) features images that appeared in East Kootenay News Online Weekly (e-KNOW) in 2012.

The images provide an accurate cross-section of what appeared on our digital pages and, hopefully, give a sense as to what happened and what happens in our region from month-to-month.

Images included were either taken during the coverage of events and news happenings, by e-KNOW, or were submitted by contributing writers and photographers. Additionally, there are numerous ‘jazzed-up’ images created to provide lead art for guest columnists and in-house columns, editorials and articles.

It was an exciting year in the East Kootenay – with numerous big weather events and disasters, from major fires to landslides to floods, all topped off with one of the most powerful storms to ever roll over the Cranbrook area on July 20. By the time the micro-bursts of wind stopped, more than 600 trees were toppled in the Key City and surroundings.

Contributing photographers to this four-part presentation include: Ian Cobb; Carrie Schafer/Through My Eyes Photography; Larry Halverson; Shawn Parker; Alan Dibb; Janice Sommerfeld/SNAP; Bob Ede; Stephanie Stevens;  Bram Rossman; Chris Newel; Susan Woods; George Greenside; Laurie Goodlad; and leading off our first part is a majestic black and white image by Invermere glass artist and photographer Ryan Bavin.

Additionally, a number of images were submitted by contributing organizations providing community news and information to e-KNOW – and we continue to encourage people to take part. It’s free and your message will be passed by more readers’ eyes than any other media in the region.

Share your successes and needs with your fellow community members and let e-KNOW help you achieve that goal. Not-for-profit organizations and service clubs, sports clubs and any other community groups, from throughout the East Kootenay, are welcome to submit items to e-KNOW.

E-mail press releases and submissions (preferably with 72 jpeg images) to: [email protected] or call 250-421-1660.

Our Writers’ Village continues to grow and expand and we are thrilled to feature more than 15 writers from around the region and province. If you have something to say – say it! If you love writing and sharing stories – pass them along. And if you are a shutterbug and take images worthy of publishing, please share them!

Thank you to all the photographers who have helped us create this four-part retrospective of 2012, with more than 400 images in total (of the thousands we published in the last year). We hope you continue to share your talents with us and we will present them to the 70,000 residents of this region and many more beyond our borders.

Our readership growth continues to explode, as more and more people discover our website or our Facebook and Twitter pages. It is the collaborative input of all involved in e-KNOW that helps us create this ever-growing tapestry and archive of life as it is happening in the East Kootenay.

Here’s to a safe, happy and prosperous 2013!

All the images in the first part were taken/published between January 1 and April 30, 2012.

Ian Cobb/owner/editor

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