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Posted: December 13, 2012

A Golden mess at Fairmont

Columbia Valley RCMP Report

Golden RCMP Detachment members assisting Columbia Valley Detachment attended to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort as a result of a disturbance and assault complaint at 8:43 p.m. on Dec. 8.

Investigation revealed that a 24-year-old male from Golden was in an argument with a 27-year-old female also from Golden.  The male assaulted two female guests that were not associated to the two that were arguing.  Further investigation revealed that the 27-year-old female, who was with the male, was in breach of her conditions to have no contact with the male and also to abstain from alcohol. The male was arrested and charged with assault while the female was arrested for breaching her conditions. While being escorted out of the building the female kicked at a window and smashed it. The female was further charged with mischief for the damage.

Too ripped; a night in jail

The two Golden Detachment members, at 3:06 a.m., returned to the Fairmont Resort due to a complaint of an intoxicated female located in a staff closet. The members became aware that the female was in no condition to care for herself or any other person who could care for the female.  She was lodged in cells until sober.

Sleepy driver ends up upside down

At 7:05 p.m. on Dec. 7 Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment members responded to a single vehicle accident 14 km south of Invermere on Hwy 93/95.  A 2005 Toyota Echo driven by a 20-year-old male from St. Albert. Alta., drove off the road and ended up in the west bound ditch upside down. There were no injuries to the driver. The driver admitted to falling asleep. The driver was charged with fail to keep right.

Cranbrook man arrested for assaulting 17-year-old girl

On Dec. 10, at 3:47 p.m., Columbia Valley Detachment members responded to a complaint of an assault near the Hillcrest Apartments in Invermere, on 13th Street. On attending, a 17-year-old female victim was located with severe facial injuries. The victim was taken to Invermere and District Hospital and cared for.  A 35-year-old male from Cranbrook was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm. The male was released with conditions. The investigation is continuing.

Obscured plate ends in obstruction charge

While on patrol at 12:18 a.m. on Dec. 11, officers observed a pickup truck with its rear plate obstructed by snow and debris and was not visible. The vehicle was stopped on Athalmer Road to confirm the vehicle had plates and properly registered. The 45-year-old male refused to provide the police his driver’s licence and registration, stating he didn’t have to produce them.

Wrong answer. The driver was advised that if he continued to fail to provide his driver’s licence and registration that he would be arrested and charged with obstruction. The driver continued to refuse, was arrested for obstruction. Once arrested, his licence and registration were located by the police. The male was issued a ticket for failing to display his plate properly, a Motor Vehicle Act charge, and will also be appearing in Invermere Provincial Court Feb 12 for obstruction.

Road checks will continue throughout the valley

Christmas festivities: Going to do some drinking over the Christmas season?  Plan ahead and ensure you have a plan on getting back home safe. Counter Attack road checks will continue throughout the valley.

Gift suggestion

Speaking of Christmas: I usually send this message out for gift suggestions. Purchase safety and survival equipment for the trunk of the car. For your kids who are off to school and fortunate enough to have a vehicle, winter driving conditions can cause parents a great deal of stress. Pack the car with a proper equipment package. Purchase a BCAA or Alberta Automobile Association membership as a Christmas gift. Discuss the ‘what ifs’ with your children when it comes to driving in poor winter conditions on the highways.

Movember total

The latest update on the amount raised thanks to many community members: over $2,800.

The hair thing

Thanks to the community stepping up and donating to the Detachment’s Movember goal of exceeding $2,000, I did go ahead and dye my hair RCMP colors. Have to look hard to see the blue. Receiving lot’s of comments. No real explaining to do in the valley as most are aware of the reason, but outside of the valley it seems that they do not see many police officers with RED, gold and blue in their hair.

Have to share my son’s response when his mother e-mailed a picture. He commented to Bev, “Why in all that is holy and sacred did you allow him to do that?” I was pleased to see that he did have some religious inkling in his body. Thought we failed him there. The other thought was, I was very pleased that he was blaming his mother for my actions. Taught him well there.  I shared this comment with my sister in Ontario who is on Facebook. She commented that his remark was rather witty but she laughed more at what he posted on Facebook. He has my photo with all the hair color and posted, “Looks like my Pops is hosting the Invermere Pride Parade.”

The color will eventually grow out. Next year I think we go with Julie’s suggestion and the entire detachment in uniform doing Zumba. Will not have problems seeing me.  Ambulance and doctor will be monitoring.

S/Sgt. Marko Shehovac,

Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment

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