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Posted: September 1, 2015

Aggie’s Fall Fling to support caregivers

Cranbrook caregivers might be dancing a little jig thanks to an up and coming fundraiser.


The September 25 benefit dance with music by The Noteables is being organized by Kevin Dunk and the Cranbrook Caregivers Group. This fundraiser is focused at supporting caregivers of an elderly person in Cranbrook.

Dunk recently spoke with East Kootenay Foundation for Health (EKFH) about how this event also touches him personally as it pays homage to his own caregiving journey with his Mom Aggie.

“As someone who was a caregiver for a number of years for my Mother Aggie, I feel incredibly blessed to be involved with Aggie’s Fall Fling, supporting Cranbrook caregivers,” said Dunk. “I am very excited about Aggie’s Fall Fling and how it will honour my Mom and at the same time provide a rest to those who are caregiving for a loved one, which is an essential component in enhancing their own health and wellbeing. We will all miss her infectious smile, good humour, and determination.”

Aggies Fall Fling posterAs populations age, the role of family caregivers has become more prominent as care in familiar surroundings of home may delay onset of some symptoms and postpone or eliminate the need for more professional and costly levels of care. Home-based care may entail tremendous economic, emotional costs as well. Family caregivers often give up time from work and forego pay in order to spend an average of 47 hours per week with a loved one, who frequently cannot be left alone.

Aggie’s Fall Fling is raising funds to support caregivers by providing patient comforts or help bring in and deliver educational programs for caregivers and their families.

Kevin and his team want that too! This event will also serve another purpose: It will bring together all of those caregiving for loved ones and give them an opportunity to mix and mingle.

Aggie’s Fall Fling is a recognized and approved fundraising event for EKFH. Donations raised at the event will be stewarded for caregiver programs in Cranbrook. For more information about the event, call Kevin 250-426-2450.

How can you help? Purchase a $10 ticket (at Lotus Books, at the door, or on-line at SNAPd East Kootenay), or simply make a donation in support of those who care for others.

Third Party Event Fundraising — whether large or small — can have a big impact. If you are considering organizing an event for EKFH, you can contact ~ Patricia Whalen, Assistant Executive Director at 250-420-2203 or visit www.ekfh.ca. Don’t forget to like EKFH on Facebook.


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