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Posted: November 26, 2012

Bear attack survivors Kimberley residents in 60s and 80s

It is still unknown exactly how the two Kimberley residents who were attacked by a mother bear with two cubs Sunday are doing at Calgary’s Foothills Hospital.

However, e-KNOW has confirmed that the bear attack survivors from the Kimberley area are Susan Bond and Peter Moody.

The couple was out walking north of the St. Mary Indian Reserve, along Cherry Creek, at about 3 p.m. on Nov. 25, when Susan Bond, in her 60s, stepped through thick creek-side foliage and came upon a sow bear feeding on a deer carcass.

The combination of being with two cubs, at a kill/meal and surprise resulted in the mother bear attacking Susan and Peter, noted as being in his ‘80s, moved to help, causing the bear to turn her attentions to him. However, she soon turned back to Susan. Somehow, the couple managed to get away.

Suffering from facial, leg, arm and other injuries they then embarked on what must have been a hellacious trek to find help at nearby rural properties.

From CBC News B.C.: “Randy Harvey, who has a rural home in the area, was watching the Grey Cup on Sunday afternoon when a badly injured man stumbled out of the bush and across his field. “I got my binoculars and I am looking and I can see it’s just an old man, and then he fell down.”

Harvey and a friend headed out, thinking it was a car accident victim, but instead found his elderly neighbour.

“I see he is in pretty bad shape — his face is ripped up, big gashes in his head and arms and stuff.”

“And all she is saying is, ‘No. Don’t hurt the bear. No, it’s not bear’s fault, she was protecting her cubs,'” Harvey said.

Harvey calls his neighbour a hero.

“I would say he is the hero out of this deal,” Harvey said. “He walked over a mile beat up that bad to save his girlfriend.”” CBC reported.

As more details become available, e-KNOW will provide them.

Meanwhile, we wish to convey our best wishes and prayers to Susan and Peter, as well as their family and friends.

Top photo illustrative only, by:

Ian Cobb/e-KNOW

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