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Posted: August 6, 2013

CFES extends appreciation to Farbrook Auto Wrecking

First responders with Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services (CFES) is now better equipped to deal with extricating people from vehicles involved in serious accidents. Crews recently completed their annual training program, which provides nearly 100 hours of additional training to increase and refine the technically demanding skills required in auto extrication as city crews respond to more vehicle collisions on the highways.

A fire and rescue agreement is in place between the City of Cranbrook and the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to provide service to those homes and properties. In late 2009, the RDEK expanded the area and number of homes included in the contract. As a result Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services cover more of Highway 95A to the McPhee Bridge and Highway 3/95 south to Westview Road.

Recently Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services presented a plaque to the owner and staff of Farbrook Auto Wrecking for their assistance over many years in providing automobiles and trucks for crews to practice and refine these skill sets.

“Chris and Cory’s assistance is instrumental in the training our crews received each year,” says Wayne Price, Chief of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services. “Not only in providing the vehicles for the crews to train on but in working with our training division to stage the vehicles in realistic positions that we often encounter at accident scenes.”

Farbrook Auto Wrecking has been providing these services to both Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services and Cranbrook Search and Rescue for over 20 years and because of this, crews have been able to maintain and improve their extrications skills.

“All of our members have extrication training, however our residents and the travelling public will now be better served by our guys, thanks to this important training partnership,” says Price.

Above photo:  Firefighter Greg Green;  Firefighter John Bain; Dwayne Pocha, Mike McKay and Cory Propp of Farbrook Auto Wrecking; Firefighter Dan MacKinnon; Lindsey Hamilton, Chris Taylor, Shane Marier and Scott Yoamouns of Farbrook.

Photo courtesy Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services

City of Cranbrook

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