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Posted: June 23, 2015

Council adopts 2014 Annual Report Monday

At its Annual General Meeting on Monday, City of Cranbrook council approved and adopted the City of Cranbrook’s 2014 Annual Report.

The Annual Report reviews the accomplishments of each city department and provides information around the city’s finances for the previous year. The report also provides a look ahead to projects and programs each department has on its respective work plan for the next two years. Production and distribution of an Annual Report is a requirement under Section 99 of the Community Charter.

Some highlights in 2014 include: design and grant application preparation for an airfield electrical upgrade at the Canadian Rockies International Airport; 2014 municipal election and referendum; urban deer management public survey; supported Dycar Pharmaceuticals efforts to establish an $8 million medical marijuana production facility; complete reconstruction of 6th Street North as part of the 2014 Capital Roads program; coordination of corporate wide customer service training; implemented Wi-Fi at Western Financial Place; construction of a fire training facility; completed second phase of Rotary link to join Rotary Way to NorthStar Rails-to-Trails and the removal of asbestos at Fire Hall #1.

Residents and business owners are strongly encouraged to review the Annual Report, to see how their tax dollars are being spent and find out what each city department is working on.

Copies of the 2014 Annual Report are available for pickup at reception at City Hall or can be downloaded from the City of Cranbrook website at www.cranbrook.ca.

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