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Posted: August 6, 2014

Elkford resident wins Canadian Cancer Society promotion

The Canadian Cancer Society would like to congratulate Sue Huisman on winning an iPad mini as part of  the 2014 Relay For Life registration incentives.

She was a participant in the Elk Valley Relay For Life on the Elkford Secondary School team.

Sue took part in the 2014 Elk Valley Relay this year in honor or her friend and survivor Nancy Buchan.

Sue Huisman – left, Nancy Buchan – right
Sue Huisman – left, Nancy Buchan – right

Here is Sue’s story: My friend in the picture is the reason I walked this year. Her name is Nancy Buchan and she was diagnosed with colon cancer June 20 last year and underwent surgery the next day, the day of her oldest daughter’s graduation prom. She underwent 12 chemotherapy treatments from August to January at the Cranbrook hospital. She is a survivor.

A little about myself? I have done the Relay for Life once before for a friend who died of cancer back in 2007 and also did the 60 km cancer walk in Calgary in her honor.

Why did I do it this year? Well, obviously for Nancy, but it was more than that. We both were going through a tough time at the same time as my dad had gotten sick that same weekend and after five weeks in Cranbrook hospital he died of pneumonia. Although she was recovering from her own surgery she texted me every day to see how things were going. When she started her treatments she allowed me in her trusted circle of drivers. She is my best buddy and I would do anything for her.

The Elkford Secondary School team? This was their fourth time in the Relay; my first with them but certainly not my last. Nancy is a teacher at Elkford Secondary School and all the other adults on the team are in the teaching profession in one way or another.

I am an Education Assistant at Rocky Mountain Elementary School in Elkford. The other survivor in the team picture is Richard Pinotti who was also a teacher. I asked Nancy why they started the team and she said her and Colleen Trozzo just thought they should start an ESS team and raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Lead image: Sue and her teammates, Elkford Secondary School.


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