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Posted: March 8, 2016

Facing world’s greatest environmental litter problem

A total of 33.11 more pounds of cigarette butts and cigarette related waste was collected from October through February which will be added to the 101 pounds collected during Tamarack Centre’s Butt Out, Butt In campaign clean up days held in April and September 2015.

The 33.11 pounds was collected over and above the citywide clean up days and was brought in by customers. The amount of waste collected is equivalent to approximately 52,976 butts collected, bringing the total to 214,576 butts collected thus far.

The butts will be sent to Terracycle, a recycling company that takes waste and turns it into plastic pallets and other recycled items.

The goal is to collect 250 pounds of cigarette butts and related waste by end of May 2016.

Another citywide clean-up effort will be organized by Tamarack Centre during Earth Week in April 2016.

Customers can bring in butts in a sealable bag. The butts will be weighed and added to the shipment which will be sent in to be recycled.

Did you know?

According to the International Coastal Cleanup, 2014 report – out of the 12,329,332 pounds of trash collected all over the world, the number one item cleaned up was cigarette butts coming in at 2,043,470 pounds of trash!

Cigarette butts can take between 10 – 15 years to degrade.

Cigarette butt litter is the world’s greatest environmental litter problem.

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