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Posted: April 24, 2014

Farmers’ Market coming to downtown Kimberley

CFM LKThis summer, Wildsight will bring a true farmers’ market to downtown Kimberley. Shoppers will find local vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, bread, and honey, plus hot food, fresh baking, and crafts from local artisans.

“It’s all about make it, grow it, or bake it at the farmers’ market,” said Erna Jensen-Shill, market manager, “so you can be certain that everything you buy at the market is locally made, baked, or grown.”

On Thursday nights from 5-7:30 p.m., the farmers’ market vendors will be loading up their tables with local food and crafts along Howard Street in downtown Kimberley, between Deer Park and Boundary. For 2014, the market will run for the peak of the local harvest season, from July 3 to Sept 11.

CFM LK2“After the great success of the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market over the past five years we knew the time was ripe for our very own market in Kimberley – and by offering a mid-week market, we can attract vendors who are already committed on the weekends,” said Jensen-Shill, who is also the Cranbrook market manager.

Shoppers will find everything from fresh salad greens to local lamb and pork, including farm fresh eggs, local honey, garlic, veggies, fruit, and berries. There will be preserves, bread, baked goods, including gluten-free options, plus fresh roasted coffee and tea. Local artisans will show off their crafts, including wood and metal works, candles, soap, jewelry, and more. Of course, there will be vendors selling hot food as well, so Kimberlites can enjoy dinner at the market while doing their shopping.

CFM LK4Over the past few years, Wildsight has grown their focus on food sustainability and in particular on helping locals grow, buy, and eat more local food. Their aim is to give locals food options that reduce the environmental costs of large scale agriculture and long-distance food transport.

“We really wanted to give local farmers and growers an outlet to sell locally,” said Jess Windle, Wildsight’s Food Sustainability coordinator, “and to help support new farming and food production businesses in the area. Of course, locals get fresher, healthier, and tastier food with local production too.”

Wildsight has a great lineup of local food producers and artisans ready for the summer market. If you grow or produce local food or make crafts, the Kimberley Farmers’ Market is a great way to connect with local shoppers. Vendors can learn more about selling at the market at or by calling market manager Erna Jensen-Shill at 250 427 2535 x 224.

“There is plenty of work to do in setting up for the market every week and keeping things running smoothly,” said Jensen-Shill, “so if you want to volunteer to help out, please get in touch.”

“We have some special plans in the works for the first market on July 3,” said Jensen-Shill, “so get your reusable shopping bags ready and mark your calendars for a fun evening.”


Photos of the Cranbrook Farmers’ Market by Len Knudsen

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