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Posted: December 9, 2014

Gaming grants help parents, students and schools

Parent Advisory Committees (PACs) that provide support for extracurricular sports, arts, class trips and other school activities will share $11,334,300 in community gaming grants this year, funded by the B.C. government, Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Coralee Oakes said Dec. 5.

B.C. community gaming grants will provide a total of $11,216,800 to 1,435 PACs and $117,500 to 47 District Parent Advisory Committees (DPACs) in communities throughout the province. Working in partnership with school staff, PACs and DPACs strive to enhance the educational experience for students at B.C.’s public and independent schools.

Community gaming grants help schools purchase items such as sports equipment and musical instruments to provide additional learning opportunities for students.

Gaming grant applicants must be the PAC or DPAC for a school that delivers the K-12 curriculum. There must be at least two parents willing to be accountable for the funds. Applicants can contact Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch at 250 387-5311 for advice about applications.

“Schools in British Columbia provide an excellent quality of education for children and youth in communities throughout the province. Community gaming grants help enrich the school experience with appropriate extra-curricular opportunities that parents can support through PACs and DPACs working together with teachers and school administrators,” Oakes stated.

“We know parents contribute directly to the success of their children, and their involvement in the education system plays a pivotal role in each community. These B.C. Gaming grants provide funding to local parent advisory committees so they can purchase playground and sports equipment, musical instruments and also support other opportunities for students,” added Education Minister Peter Fassbender.

The province distributes $135 million in community gaming grants to benefit over 5,000 local organizations representing virtually every community in the province.

* For a full list of approved gaming grants, visit: https://www.gaming.gov.bc.ca/revenue/index.htm

* Agricultural fairs, local festivals and celebrations, heritage associations and museums, arts and culture, sports, environmental organizations, human and social services, public safety, parent advisory councils and district parent advisory councils are all eligible for community gaming grants.

* There are more than 1,900 public and independent schools in 60 school districts throughout British Columba. Most are served by PACs and DPACs.

To apply for a B.C. community gaming grant, visit: https://www.gaming.gov.bc.ca/grants/index.htm

Year-to-Date, here is what East Kootenay organizations have received from provincial gaming grants.

Columbia Valley ($72,500)

Columbia Valley Arts Council – $29,000

Columbia Valley Figure Skating Club – $17,200

Columbia Valley Rockies Booster Society – $15,000

Steamboat Mountain Music Society – $2,850

Columbia Valley Swim Club – $8,000

Cranbrook ($280,935)

B.C. Seniors Games Society – Zone 7 – $6,000

Cranbrook Amateur Swim Association – $10,300

Cranbrook and District Arts Council – $9,000

Cranbrook Archives Museum & Landmark – $45,000

Cranbrook Minor Ball Association – $25,320

Cranbrook Minor Hockey Association – $45,000

Cranbrook Minor Lacrosse Association – $6,720

Cranbrook Skating Club – $26,250

East Kootenay Volleyball Club – $14,720

Key City Gymnastics Society – $46,800

Kimberley Alpine Team Society – $16,625

Special Olympics British Columbia Society – Kimberley/Cranbrook – $4,200

Symphony of the Kootenays Association – $15,000

Wycliffe Exhibition Association – $10,000

Elk Valley ($35,700)

Fernie Alpine Ski Team – $21,500

Fernie and District Historical Society – $10,000

Special Olympics British Columbia Society – Elk Valley $4,200

Kimberley ($74,805)

Kimberley Arts Council – Centre 64 – $12,700

Kimberley Curling Club – $8,000

Kimberley Gymnastics Society – $23,500

Kimberley Minor Hockey Association – $18,025

Kimberley Seahorse Swim Association – $13,400

North Star Skating Club – $15,400

Where Community Gaming Grants were distributed in the province from April 1 to Sept. 4.


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