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Posted: November 10, 2015

Groundwater mineral deposits not a health concern

Over the past few weeks, City of Cranbrook residents and business owners may have noticed some slight discolouration to fixtures and sinks in their homes and businesses due to the drinking water.

“Some residents have noticed and asked us about such issues as: white spotting on utensils, white film in sinks and basins and dishwasher strainers, some brown or black staining on fixtures – things like that,” said Chris Zettel, Communications Officer with the City of Cranbrook. “These are all normal occurrences associated with groundwater.”

In the spring of 2015, the city conducted some equipment retrofit work on one of the three deep wells in the community. This particular well, located at the Cranbrook Fire Hall on 2nd Street South has been in operation off and on since the spring.

However, with the lower overall water level in the Phillips Reservoir this summer and fall, it has been required to increase the volume of water coming out of the fire hall deep well to meet public demand. The result is a mixture of surface and ground water making it to the taps of residences and businesses throughout most of the city.

“It is very important for residents to know that these minerals in the water are in low concentrations and are not a health concern,” Zettel says. “Public Works water crews are continuously testing and monitoring the water at many different locations around the entire City and all tests to date have proven that the water is meeting the guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and is safe to drink and use for cooking, dishwashing, bathing and laundry.”

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