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Posted: May 20, 2015

Jumbo OCP public hearing date set

By Chris Conway

The Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality held a five minute regular meeting on Tuesday, May 19 in Radium Hot Springs, making the most of that time to set a public hearing date for their Official Community Plan (OCP).

This was the first council meeting since a special meeting on April 1. The regular meeting that had been scheduled for April 17 was abruptly cancelled in the midst of the run-out from an avalanche consulting report. That report showed the municipality had permitted construction of buildings in the high and moderate risk zones of a major avalanche path.

Mayor Greg Deck and Councillor Nancy Hugunin were in attendance. Councillor Stephen Ostrander failed to attend the meeting and did not make prior arrangement to explain his absence.

Deck and Hugunin gave second reading to the latest version of the OCP bylaw and set a date for the mandated public hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, June 16 at 9:30 a.m.

The primary consideration in setting the date of the public hearing was council’s convenience as, according to Deck, they intend to be there for a council meeting later that day anyway.

Deck and Hugunin then approved the April cheque register and Deck adjourned the meeting.

Immediately following the meeting, Deck refused to answer any questions from this reporter. He then left the council chamber for an exclusive and private interview with a reporter from another local news outlet.

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