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Posted: July 11, 2017

Lightning sparks new fires in region

The thunderstorm system that rolled over a swath of the East Kootenay last night sparked several new wildfires.

There are currently 15 fires burning in the Southeast Fire Centre, ranging in size from 25 ha to .02 ha, with 11 of those fires being discovered in the past 24 hours.

Regionally, there are six fires burning.

There is a .009 ha fire near Tata Creek; a .009 ha fire on Mount McMillan, near Skookumchuck; a .009 ha fire in the Kindersley Creek drainage near Edgewater; a .02 ha fire west of Harrogate; a .009 ha fire at Canyon Creek, south of Golden; and a 1.1 ha fire in the Glacier Creek drainage, southwest of Jumbo Mountain. All these fires were caused by lightning last night (July 10).


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