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Posted: April 29, 2015

Locals start unique fundraiser for Nepal

A Wilmer couple and their book publisher are giving away Heart of the Himalaya for free with the hopes of raising funds for Nepal and the people of the Himalaya.

Pat and Baiba Morrow (and Bungalo Books) have decided to make Heart of the Himalaya, their multimedia portrait of the Himalaya people, free to everyone until May 31.

Heart of the Hima cover“We hope that our readers will donate $10 or more to one of the charities involved in the rescue effort. We recommend donations be made online to the Canadian Red Cross effort. Donations can also be made at Mountain Equipment Co-op stores across Canada (but not online yet),” explained Frank B. Edwards, Bungalo Books publisher.

“We are not sure what financial impact this offer will have for the relief cause but the gift will provide a small reward for people’s generosity — and give donors some insight into the Himalayan people they are helping,” Edwards said.

Heart of the Himalaya is a rich photo tribute to the people of the world’s highest mountain range by Pat and Baiba Morrow, two photojournalists who have travelled extensively through it for the past 33 years.

Heart of the Himalaya features:

– 170 high definition photos optimized for the iPad’s retina display;

– diary excerpts;

– video clips;

– resources;

– an annotated chronology of the authors’ Himalayan treks.

Baiba Morrow
Baiba Morrow

While readers will recognize some of the region’s landscapes, the focus is on the people who form the heart of this mountain world. This project was born from an acclaimed 2014 photographic exhibit of their work (also entitled Heart of the Himalaya) at Banff’s renowned Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

Perhaps this “coffee tablet” ebook’s most treasured images are from Tibet, a country under tight Chinese control that has seldom been open to foreigners since the early 1950s.

The Morrows’ photos of its monks, monasteries and market places capture a world that is being destroyed by a government intent on homogenizing an ancient civilization.

Pat and Baiba have travelled to the Himalaya for many reasons.

Pat Morrow
Pat Morrow

Invermere born Pat Morrow climbed Mount Everest in 1982 before guided expeditions created crowds and line-ups on the world’s highest peak.

They journeyed 10,000 kilometres (partially by bicycle) around the Himalaya from Lhasa to Kashgar, and into Pakistan, northern India and Nepal in 1987.

They also filmed mountaineering expeditions and medical/educational organizations from Pakistan to Tibet and Bhutan.

Wherever they have taken their cameras (both video and still), the Morrows have focused on the people they meet — and have been particularly drawn to displaced Tibetans who have fled their homeland for safer lands.

Heart of the Himalaya is a tribute to the people who are indeed the heart and soul of one of the world’s most challenging and magnificent environments.

Link to the iBooks store, here.


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