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Posted: October 7, 2014

Lots left to do; Booth seeks re-election

Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Electoral Area F director Wendy Booth says there is much work left to do and wants to continue doing it following the Nov. 15 election.

Speaking from her home in Dutch Creek, Booth said she is seeking re-election as regional director for Area F (Fairmont Hot Springs, Windermere, Panorama, Akisqnuk and Shuswap First Nations Reserves and rural areas between).

Electoral Area F director Wendy Booth
Electoral Area F director Wendy Booth

“There is a lot of work ahead and I want to get on with it,” said Booth, who currently represents residents in one of the largest of the RDEK’s electoral districts.

During the current term, her second, Booth’s efforts have resulted in the achievement of important local goals, including securing grants related to flood mitigation and partial funding towards several major community projects, she highlighted. She says she is particularly pleased that Windermere and Fairmont communities now can enjoy newly renovated public facilities.

“Both the new Lion’s Den and the Windermere Hall are tangible means of enhancing the lives of the residents I serve. What an opportunity to help,” she exclaimed.

“Water, its quality and its impact, continues to be a crucial topic throughout the whole of Area F,” Booth said, noting in particular the discussions underway with residents of Windermere pertaining to necessary upgrades to its water system, as well as mitigation of flooding and sedimentary impacts to Windermere Creek. “The impact of recent changes to Windermere Creek and, as a result, to its lake are far-reaching; a Band-aid isn’t going to fix the issue.”

Booth says that getting the regional board to acknowledge the problem, prioritize it for funding and work with the community to resolve it as quickly as possible would be of high importance in the next term.

She also acknowledges that her experience working with all levels of governments is a real asset she has developed over her first two terms as director. Booth said she is proud of her cooperative relationships and positive outlook she has brought to the board.

Booth was recently re-elected as a ‘director-at-large’ with the Union of British Columbia Municipalities’ board.

She is also vice-chair of the RDEK board of directors.


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