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Posted: June 16, 2014

Macdonald: teachers have his support

Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald knows what British Columbia’s teachers are experiencing and they have his support in their bid to get an improved contract from the provincial government.

The B.C. Teachers Federation (BCTF) are expected to start a full-scale strike tomorrow Tuesday, June 17, as they continue to wrestle with the province over a number of issues.

macdonaldnorm“I am a teacher and a principal and I have taught overseas as well as here in British Columbia. I have visited picket lines and have spoken in support of teachers, and I will continue to do so,” Macdonald told e-KNOW, adding the situation has been created by a provincial government bent on attacking B.C.’s education system.

“This current dispute is rooted in a decade-long assault by the BC Liberals on our public education system. The intention of this government is to undermine the public system, and in doing so they degrade our society,” he said, adding, “Teachers are fighting back against this destructive agenda. And the fact that we still have such a high-functioning system, despite the assault, speaks to the efforts of teachers.

“As an educator, I feel that we all must speak out as loudly as we can in support of quality, fully-funded public education,” he said.


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