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Posted: May 20, 2015

MCA board installed at AGM

The Meadowbrook Community Association (MCA) held its AGM on May 14.

President Bob Johnstone presented retiring founding director, David Mayes with a certificate of appreciation for his contribution (pictured).

Member Judy Chorney delivered the nominations report and conducted the election.

The board members for 2015-16 are: President Bob Johnstone; Vice President Marie Kohlman; Secretary/Treasurer Jessica Windle; Directors Sandra Loewen, Margaret Mayes, Marty Musser and Melissa Neidig.

Secretary/Treasurer Jessica Windle reviewed the financial statements for 2014-15.

President Bob Johnstone presented the Report of the Directors outlining the MCA’s performance on its Strategic Priorities:

– Assisting the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) in creating a day use park at Cherry Creek Falls;

– Combatting invasive plants in the Meadowbrook and Woods Corner areas;

– Preserving and maintaining trails in the areas north of Meadowbrook and near McGinty Lake;

– Preserving and enhancing McGinty Lake as a recreational area;

– Engaging members and residents;

The MCA has recently obtained almost $50,000 in grants to pursue its Strategic Priorities.

It appreciates the support of: the Grasslands and Rangeland Enhancement Program funded by Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) and administered by the Kootenay Livestock Association, CBT Community Initiatives Program administered by the RDEK, the CBT Sponsorship Program, the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation and the RDEK.

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