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Posted: August 2, 2015

MP looks forward to campaign

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today the start of the 42nd federal election campaign, following his meeting with the Governor General at Rideau Hall. Canadians will go to the polls on October 19.

“On October 19, Canadians will make a critical decision about the direction of our country. That decision will have real consequences,” Prime Minister Harper said. “Canadians will be asked to judge who has the proven experience today to keep our economy strong and our country safe.”

Kootenay-Columbia MP David Wilks said he is looking forward to the upcoming campaign.

“I am looking forward to the Kootenay-Columbia campaign where citizens will have an opportunity to participate in this great democratic process,” he said, adding, “As Prime Minister Harper said this morning, this is an election about leadership on the big issues that affect all Kootenay-Columbia residents: the economy and our country’s security. Given the serious economic and security issues facing the world, it is appropriate that Canadians should have time to consider the alternatives before them.”

Wilks also noted he intends to get out and about during the 11-week election campaign, especially in the light of the riding being expanded to include much of the Central Kootenay.

“Residents within the new boundaries of Kootenay-Columbia will have an opportunity to get to know me,” he said.

MP Wilks was the first to produce a post election announcement media statement. As others are provided, they will be published.


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