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Posted: June 18, 2013

Options being considered to get at submerged truck

On Sunday, June 16, the truck believed to belong to the two missing males was located in Findlay Creek Falls. Police determined that the two males reported missing June 9 went off the Findlay Creek Forest Service Road, down a steep embankment and into the water. Search and rescue teams combed the area at the time without success.

Over the week the water level dropped and there was increased clarity. With better conditions a team of 16 Swift Water Rescue Technicians searched the area and located the truck at the top of the falls wedged up against a rock outcropping. The truck is fully submerged and appears badly damaged.

The search team attempted to use an underwater camera but the swift flowing water prevented teams from directing the camera into effective positions. SAR teams are exploring other options to get the camera down near the truck.

Hydrology experts claim the water level is the highest in June and lowest in March. At this time the water is flowing at a rate of 50-80 cubic meters per second. This velocity makes it unsafe to enter the water or attempt recovery of the truck.

Police are monitoring the water levels and the search will continue as conditions permit. Weather also becomes a factor and the expected rain will cause the water levels to rise, restricting search efforts.

Above photo: Findlay Creek Falls/by Cpl. Chris Newel

Cpl. Chris Newel,

Cranbrook/Kimberley RCMP

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