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Posted: May 20, 2013

RCMP and the community

Columbia Valley RCMP Report

A number of important issues have come up that the Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment personal are involved with, that in my opinion is more important to report on rather than some of the local crime reports. Much of it involves our participation in events with our youths as well helping to raise money for many important causes.

Relay for Life

This event takes place at the David Thompson Secondary School track on June 15 starting at 6 p.m. Sheila Tutty has asked if I had any new ideas that will entertain the crowd while at the same time raise money. So here is my idea and I already have two volunteers, Cst. Andrew Michaud vs Brandon Bloom who operates Endeavor Fitness.

Brandon advised me that Andrew has been bragging that he has never lost a foot chase with a bad guy – ever. Hence my idea of “put your money where your mouth is.” Both Andrew and Brandon have agreed. Each will raise $50 to go towards Relay for Life, which is good, and Brandon can humiliate Andrew in a 40 yard dash which is even better.

I have an idea of who I want to challenge. I would put $20 on Brandon. I would like to arrange 10 such races, which will raise an easy $1000. Money goes to a good cause and we can have some fun cheering the racers on. I challenge all the emergency responders to get involved to challenge one of your co-workers. I would like to see Glen Sage challenge Darren Danyluck. Others can get involved with side bets. I would put $20 on Darren. Let’s do this. Give me a call with your race partner. Our opportunity to help out the organizers of this event.

Zumba in the Park

Or Blackmail at the Detachment. This event is Saturday, May 25, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Mount Nelson Athletic Park. Julie, our office manager, and other Zumba instructors are holding this fundraising event to raise money for our new Local Hospice Society. Julie made it clear that if I did not plug this for her, she would refuse to type up some of my letters.

For Movember this year I, along with the Detachment members, said if we raised the $2,000 mark we set for ourselves, we would do a full class of Zumba. Unfortunately, sad to say I will be out of town May 25.

Cram the Cruiser

The Radium Hot Springs Sunrise Rotary Club as well as the Invermere Rotary Club will partner up with the Detachment to help out the Columbia Valley Food Bank with Cram the Cruiser with food items.

The Radium Rotary club banner is completed thanks to Lori at Sign Artists; her contribution to the cause.

Our first test run will be on June 8 during the Radium Days Parade. People on the parade route are encouraged to have food items and when the cruiser comes by with the doors open, cram it with food and it will be delivered to the food bank. This can be done at all parades and events that happen throughout the valley. Radium Car show organizers, call me. We should be able to cram two cruisers in one day.

Detachment Open House

The Detachment Open House as a great success last week. Between 130-140 people came by. My thanks to the Windermere and District Lions Club for the volunteers who put on the beef-on-a-bun dinner as well as printing the kids. Our thanks to Tim Hortons for the coffee and treats. Also our thanks to Home Hardware and Canadian Tire for prizes for each of the six Grade 3 classes for the winning posters.

Our thanks also to all the Grade 3 kids who completed posters to hang up on the walls at the Detachment. My personal thanks to the officers who assisted in making it another successful event.

This gave many adults and kids an opportunity to interact with the officers. Also with to thank the Windermere Fire Department for putting in their boat as a display for the kids to jump on. Next year we should have the hovercraft on display.

Sad news

For the third year in a row the Detachment let the floor hockey challenge with the high school boys slip through our fingers.

We beat the boys two games to one in the semi finals to move onto the finals against the Bruins. The first game was won 6-0 by the Bruins. The RCMP team came back to win 6-0 in the second game. This set things up for the final game for the championship trophy sponsored by Invermere Rotary.

We knew the battle was going to be intense. The Detachment lost the last two years, losing to the Bruins last year. We don’t like losing. To prepare for this crucial game, our team captain Andrew Michaud took me aside and tactfully told me I was going to be benched for this game.

Although Andrew was tactful on breaking the news, I was not so in taking it. I confronted him by stating to his face “obviously you think I’m too fat, slow and lazy on the court.” Although he did not come out and say that to my face his eyes said it all as he walked away and said, “ I didn’t say that.”

He’s learning that with leadership comes hard decisions.

In the championship game we were down 3-1. I showed up to provide inspiration. We closed the gap 3-2. In the dying seconds we pulled Grant from the net and with less than a second to go we tied it up 3-3. We lost in overtime 4-3 on a goal that went five-hole on Grant. Probably the best final game in the history of floor hockey at DTSS.

Andrew will have to live with his decision during the off-season. Did it cost us the championship? One would think that I am mature enough and sportsman enough to congratulate the Bruins for a well fought game. One would think that I guess.

ssgtmarkoshehovacS/Sgt. Marko Shehovac,

Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment

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