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Posted: February 2, 2013

RCMP present yearend report to city council

The following is a yearend report delivered to City of Kimberley council on Jan. 14 for the Kimberley RCMP Detachment, by Sgt. Laurie Jalbert, OIC Cranbrook/Kimberley Detachment.

Dear Mayor McRae and City Councilors:

The following report will outline administrative and operational issues with respect to our progress within the community up to the end of 2012. The current Annual Performance Plan (APP) is the guiding document for police action through the year and is based on concerns raised by the community and the RCMP.

Prolific offenders: We continue to monitor prolific offenders. We only have three subjects residing in the community that are under court ordered conditions. Another offender, who was connected to a number of incidents in November and December has a number of conditions but is currently in hospital. Should he be released, he is to report to the nearest RCMP detachment and turn himself in. A new offender recently arrived in Kimberley and was arrested after a serious domestic dispute. He was released but since he had no connections here, we were able to impose a ‘No Go Kimberley’ condition.

Traffic Initiatives: As part of the APP we initiated a traffic enforcement plan. Two projects were conducted in the last quarter. One was in the McKim School zone and another on Hwy 95A in Marysville. Between them a number of speeding tickets were issued along with no driver’s licenses and driving prohibitions.These projects are over and above routine traffic enforcement.

Calls for Service

The detachment was called to investigate/attend 432 calls for service for this quarter which is 150 calls less than the previous quarter but consistent (within 10%) with the same quarter in 2011.

October to December is very much our shoulder season, a decline in calls is normal, it has started to cool off but skiing season is just starting.

Drug Initiative

The joint drug team continues to achieve excellent results. During the last quarter there was 20 investigations, four were specific to Kimberley. As a result of these investigations, 18 persons were charged or police have recommended charges. Only two of the investigations, which resulted in drug seizures, did not have sufficient evidence to charge. A number of the targets are operating throughout the East Kootenay. As a result the team liaises and assists other detachments with their investigations which benefits the region.


Both Kimberley and Cranbrook detachments continue to be short handed. S/Sgt Lorne Craig from the Elk Valley will taking over as acting OIC of the Cranbrook/Kimberley detachment. This will allow me to resume my duties in Kimberley. Of the two Kimberley members who were injured, one is now in the office assisting with the administrative aspects of our police investigations; the other is on a graduated return to operational duties. This is expected to take an additional two weeks. We are still working to fill a long term vacancy.

Community input

Each year our APP is updated to reflect current trends and issues raised though the community. In order to have an effective plan we will be seeking community and partner input. We would ask that council give some thought to the areas of concern identified via their constituents with respect to where they would like to see policing resourced directed. This is a guiding document that assists in planning. However, as always, police will address any issues as they arise throughout the year.

Yearend review

The Kimberly Detachment responded to 1,884 calls for service over the year. This is 41 files more than last year.  There was a significant drop in thefts and break and enters. The total in 2011 was 189; in 2012 we dropped to 95.  It’s difficult to ascertain the cause of the drop, but it often relates to who is residing in the community. This can be cyclical; offenders move in to the area, commit a number of offences then are either caught or move on. Increases were noted in a number of areas including: domestic disputes, mental health issues, harassment along with abandoned 911 calls and false alarms.

Harassment complaints are often the result of things being said using social media or text messages. People find it far easier to say and do things when they are not face-to-face. These investigations are often time consuming but are not serious enough to warrant Criminal charges; they do often involve some mediation.

The combined Kimberley/Cranbrook drug team had a very successful year and hopes to continue with this worthwhile project. The team conducted 67 drug investigations. Most resulted in drug seizures and charges. Southeast District has been very supportive of our endeavor and we are seeking their continued support. The Drug Team is currently working with a new Federal Crown Prosecutor for the area who has stated that our team has generated in excess of 30% of her prosecution files and given that she covers both the East and West Kootenay that is significant.

The Kimberley officers take pride in their work and involvement in the community.

Throughout the year they have been involved in a number of community activities including; Kimberley RCMP/Speedwatch Charity Golf Tournament, Remembrance Day, DARE, School visits and liaison including their Remembrance Day ceremonies, Hockeyville, Kimberley Dynamiters hockey games, Cops of Kids and Movember.

We look forward to the challenges of 2013 and are optimistic that our resourcing issues will improve in the near future and we can continue to provide the citizens of Kimberley with excellent police service.

I would invite you to contact myself or Cpl. Chris Newel if you have any questions with respect to policing issues at any level.

Sgt. Laurie JALBERT

OIC Cranbrook/Kimberley Detachment

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