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Posted: July 2, 2015

Reservoir levels still steady despite recent heat

The Phillips Reservoir – the City of Cranbrook’ s primary source of potable water – is still at capacity and water levels are steady and unchanged despite the recent heat wave and the lack of substantial rainfall.

The City of Cranbrook continues to remind residents and businesses to be aware that additional watering restrictions may still be put into place this summer if we don’t get regular rainfall to help replenish the reservoir.

Public Works staff who monitors the levels at the reservoir will continue to do so throughout the year. The City of Cranbrook will continue to regularly provide updates about the reservoir levels to ensure that everyone has ample lead time should additional watering restrictions need to be put into place.

“The current year-round outdoor water management policy is still in place and allows for watering of lawns and gardens on Monday, Thursday and Saturday for even numbered properties; Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for odd numbered properties. No one waters on Wednesday,” says Chris Zettel, Corporate Communications Officer for the City of Cranbrook. “This covers all outdoor water use including: washing of vehicles, RVs, campers, boats, windows and the filling of kids’ pools or hot tubs.”

The City’s Outdoor Water Management policy allows for a second phase of water management to be put into effect should the reservoir level reach 75% capacity and is not getting enough additional water to maintain that level. If we get to that point, it would mean reducing the number of times per week you would be allowed to water your lawns and gardens.

For more information about water conservation and what you can do to conserve, visit our website at www.cranbrook.ca and click on ‘Water Conservation’ under the City of Cranbrook Links on the homepage.

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