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Posted: July 26, 2013

Small wildfire in Numa Creek Pass

Fire crews are currently responding to a wildfire in Kootenay National Park.

Reported at noon Thursday, July 25, the fire is situated in Numa Creek Pass, on the north side of Numa Creek.

The suspected ignition source is lightning from storms that occurred earlier this week.
Two helicopters worked to contain the fire to 1.5 hectares by Thursday evening. Today, Parks Canada Initial Attack crews and helicopters will continue efforts to contain the spread of the fire.

KNPTrailsclosedSmoke remains highly visible along Highway 93 through Kootenay National Park.

A closure of the Numa Creek Trail is in effect as visitor safety remains top priority.

The Numa Creek Campground along the Rockwall Trail remains open.

Note: the Tumbling Creek trail remains closed due to a 2012 bridge washout. The current Rockwall access trails are Marble Canyon to Helmet Creek and Floe Lake.
Fire Danger Levels

The fire danger level in the Lake Louise/Yoho/Kootenay field unit has been elevated to ‘high.’

There is no fire ban in effect for the LLYK field unit; however, Parks Canada is asking that visitors keep campfires in designated areas and ensure they are fully extinguished before leaving their site.

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