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Posted: September 9, 2013

Sparwood Council Facts

Sparwood Transfer Station

sparwoodlogoDistrict of Sparwood staff was directed to put a tender package together and bid on continuing with the operation of the Sparwood Transfer Station during the Sept. 2 council meeting. The current contract with the Regional District of East Kootenay expires on December 31.

Ground Water Monitoring Wells

Council authorized Teck to drill two test wells on municipal property on the west side of the CPR tracks west of the Recreation Centre with the following conditions:

– That Teck indemnify the District of Sparwood;

– That the wells be a safe distance from the pedestrian trail;

– That Teck agree to decommission the wells when they are no longer needed;

– Ensure that health and safety work plans are detailed and adequate;

– A timeline for drilling, completion, and site map;

– Environmental cleanup;

– Inclusion of a plan for reclamation and beautification; and

– Residents notification along the drill area.

Selenium and Nitrate levels

SCFElkRiverCouncil received a report from the Director of Engineering on the selenium and nitrate levels in the district’s three wells, the Elk River, and Michel Creek. Levels have been monitored since May 2010 in Well 3 and August 2011 in the Elk River and Michel Creek. Consistent monitoring began in April of this year for Wells 1 and 2 so the district could detect changes to the water. Selenium concentration in the two wells on the northwest side of the Elk River have remained fairly constant during testing.

From testing in 1999 when Well 3 was first drilled, the concentrations have increased from 0.0005 mg/L to a maximum of 0.0082 mg/L. The Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines Maximum Acceptable Concentration for drinking water is 0.01 mg/L, a level that has been exceeded in both the Elk River and Michel Creek. Teck will continue to work collaboratively with the district to actively address selenium concentrations within the municipal drinking water supply.

Nitrate levels in Well 3, the Elk River, and Michel Creek fluctuate on the same schedule as the selenium concentrations. While nitrate levels are increasing, they are nowhere near the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines Maximum Acceptable Concentration of 45.

Council travel

Any available Councillor was approved to attend the Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremonies in Cranbrook on Friday, September 6.

Whiskey Jack Resort

Council approved a request from Whiskey Jack Resort for development of two parcels outside of the Master Development Agreement. One parcel is for the development of a 75-lot Recreational Vehicle Resort facility and the other parcel is for the development of a 48-multi family unit complex.

Approval was also granted to relax the Master Development Agreement except for the requirement to complete the intersection of Highway 43 and Resort Centre Boulevard.

BC Climate Action Charter

The District of Sparwood received a letter of congratulations from the Green Communities Committee for successful efforts to measure and reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions for the 2012 reporting year.

A number of actions have been taken towards meeting the Charter commitments such as retrofitting energy intensive facilities, toilet rebate program, Water Smart Ambassador program, LED street light conversion, solar lighting on some trails, completion of the Iron Rails Bridge connecting Sparwood Heights to Sparwood proper, and water metering program.

The District of Sparwood has been awarded Level 2 recognition – ‘Measurement’. In recognition of these achievements the district has received Green Communities branding for use on our website, letterhead, and public buildings and window decals.

Be Bear Smart!

Bears have been spotted in recent weeks passing through our community. Bears have a keen sense of smell. Garbage or other food sources can easily attract a bear to your property.

– Keep garbage in a secured shed or garage until pick up day. Never leave fish or meat remains outside or in your compost. Instead, put them in your freezer or a cold place until garbage day;

– Cooking oil, grease, dairy products or fruit should never be left outside or put in your compost;

– Try using lime to cut odor from your compost;

– If you have fruit trees, pick the fruit as it ripens and clean up windfalls immediately; and

– Remove any unwanted fruit trees.

Parkinson Superwalk

Saturday, September 14, at the Sparwood Senior’s Drop-In Centre; Registration: 10 a.m.; Walk: 11 a.m. For more information contact: Terry 250-425-2404.

Sparwood Coal Miner Days

SCFCMDThe Sparwood Coal Miner Days Society is seeking:

– New board members;

– Volunteers to organize events;

– Volunteers to help at events during Coal Miner Days.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting event please attend our meeting on Thursday, September 12 at 6 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce. For more information contact Renee MacCormack at [email protected].

Universal Water Metering Program

All residential water use data for 2012 and 2013 to date is online, and can be viewed at sparwood.ca/water. Green numbers indicate high usage, and red numbers indicate exceptionally high usage. To find your consumption data you will need your meter’s serial number, which is the white seven-digit number on the front cover of your water meter. If you can’t find your serial number in the Water Use table, or if you have any questions about your water usage, call 250.425.6271 or email [email protected].

Terry Fox Run

Sunday, September 15, Sparwood Recreation Centre. Registration: 9 a.m. Run 10 a.m.

Investments in Sparwood

Details relating to an extensive round of investments in Sparwood will be made tomorrow (Sept. 10). Following an announcement to the media by Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett, full details of the investments along with artist’s renditions will be available for viewing from Wednesday, September 11, for one week at the Visitor Information Centre on Aspen Drive, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Take part today in Canada’s free recycling program for mobile devices and accessories

Why recycle? Keeping your cell phone out of our local landfill helps the environment and supports some great causes. A small effort on your part makes a big difference, and does something positive for our ecosystem.

What kinds of phones are accepted? All mobile devices which connect to a cellular or paging network, including cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, external aircards and pagers. In addition, headsets, chargers, and other accessories are accepted.

What kinds of products are NOT accepted? We do not accept cordless phones, non-wireless PDAs, laptop computers, or answering machines.

What brands and models are accepted, and does it have to work? Any mobile device –regardless of brand, model, age – can be donated at any collection site or through mail-back options. Both working and non-working mobile devices are accepted.

Look for a Recycle My Cell drop off box at two Sparwood locations:

Sparwood Recreation Centre – 367 Pine Avenue;

Main District Office – 136 Spruce Avenue;

More information can be found at www.recyclemycell.ca. Please clear phone of all personal information before it dropping off.

Upcoming meetings in council chambers

– Monday, September 30 – Committee of the Whole Meeting at 7 p.m.

– Monday, October 7 – Regular Meeting at 7 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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