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Posted: October 15, 2013

Sparwood Council Facts

sparwoodlogoOfficial Community Plan Photo Contest winners announced

A photo contest ran from June until September asking the public to submit a photo of Sparwood to tell us what they love about Sparwood, and what they would like to see in 2035.

The following individuals were recognized and presented with prizes from council:

Youth Category- First place – Taylor Nelson
Youth Category- First place – Taylor Nelson

Child Category

First place – Leah Rae Galt (pictured above)

Second place – Alexandra Harrington

Youth Category

First place – Taylor Nelson

Second place – Portia Eldaun

Adult Category

First place – Jennifer Gardiner

Second place – Faye Huber

All submissions can be viewed on our website at http://ocp.sparwood.ca/photo-contest-submissions/

Adult - First place – Jennifer Gardiner
Adult – First place – Jennifer Gardiner


Elk Valley RCMP

Cpl. Dave Williams of the Elk Valley RCMP Detachment presented the First and Second Quarter Mayor’s Reports for 2013. Both quarters showed a decrease in number of calls for service received over the same periods last year.

Sparwood Secondary Triathlon Club

Council directed staff to enter into a partnership with the Sparwood Secondary School Triathlon Club to offer a youth triathlon club. The club will access the leisure pool, spin bikes, and fitness centre for the purposes of training youth to participate in triathlons.

Communications and Citizen Engagement Strategy/Plan

In the spring of 2012 the District entered into a contract with Mickelson Consulting Inc. to provide a Communications and Citizen Engagement Strategy/Plan to better engage with internal and external audiences. The consultant conducted interviews with employees of the district, members of council, community groups, and through a community survey tool. The consultant’s final report entitled Sparwood Communications Research Report Final can be viewed on our website at http://www.sparwood.ca/reports.

Sparwood Public Library

Council approved a Special Occasion Permit to the Sparwood Public Library for the operation of a Wine and Cheese Fundraiser on February 8, 2014 from 7 – 10 p.m.

Local Government Elections Reform

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has published a White Paper on Local Government Elections Reform and is inviting comments on the proposed modernization of the legislation. The White Paper reflects the recommendations of the joint Provincial and Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Local Government Elections Task Force. Local government elections rules apply to municipalities, regional districts, parks boards, the Island Trust, and boards of education.

The White Paper can be accessed at www.localgovelectionreform.gov.bc.ca

Water Smart Ambassador Program

For the third year in a row, the District of Sparwood hired a Water Smart Ambassador in collaboration with the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT). The primary purpose was to continue to promote water conservation during the summer months to help Sparwood achieve the goal of a 50% reduction in consumption by 2015.

SpwdkestrelWhiskey Jack Resort

The second phase of subdivision in Whiskey Jack Resort has created a new road that required naming. Council approved the name of Kestrel Court for this road. The Kestrel is a name applied to several members of the Falcon genus. The species found in North America is the American Kestrel, often called the Sparrow Hawk. It is the most common falcon in North America and also the smallest.

Windrow Removal Pilot Program

Council supported the implementation of a pilot driveway windrow removal program for the 2013/14 winter season as outlined in a report from the Director of Operations. General guidelines include the following:

– windrow removal service will be provided when the windrow is an accumulated height of six inches or greater;

– no windrow removal service will be provided to residents who push snow from their driveways into the windrow for removal by the district;

– the intent of the windrow removal service is to knock down the windrow and allow for vehicle passage – it is not the intent of the program to provide full clearing and cleaning of the entire width of a driveway, from edge to edge; and

– the current Snow Removal Policy to send plows at three inches will be modified during the term of the pilot program.

Residents will receive notice of this pilot program through advertising in local papers, Council Facts, the Recreation newsletter, a direct mail out and posters throughout the community.

RDEK Spwd LegionRemembrance Day

Council approved a request from the Royal Canadian Legion Michel Natal Branch 81 to hold the annual Remembrance Day parade and service on November 11.

Street Light Petition

A Sparwood Street Light Petition was received from a resident of Sparwood Heights and referred to the Director of Engineering to report back to council. The petition, containing 168 signatures requests that streetlights be installed along Highway 43 between Sparwood Heights Drive and Lodgepole Mobile Home Park.

Community Events Fund Policy

A new Community Events Fund Policy was adopted by council which will provide support to individuals, groups, and organizations in the hosting of new community events within the District of Sparwood.

For details on how the program will operate including program objectives, who may apply for funding, eligible events and expenditures, application and evaluation process, and available funding please contact the Director of Community and Facility Services at 250-425-0552 or [email protected] .

Be Bear Smart!

Bears have been spotted in recent weeks passing through our community. Bears have a very keen sense of smell. Garbage or other food sources can easily attract a bear to your property.

– Keep garbage in a secured shed or garage until pick up day. Never leave fish or meat remains outside or in your compost. Instead, put them in your freezer or a cold place until garbage day;

– Cooking oil, grease, dairy products or fruit should never be left outside or put in your compost;

– Try using lime to cut odor from your compost;

– If you have fruit trees, pick the fruit as it ripens and clean up windfalls immediately; and

– Remove any unwanted fruit trees. “BE BEAR SMART!”

The District of Sparwood is Proud to Salute our Firefighters

SpwdRCMPDuring Fire Prevention Week we are given the opportunity to tell all of our firefighters just how much they are appreciated by council and residents of Sparwood. Sometimes they are taken for granted until we need them in an emergency and only then do we truly recognize the courage and strength they personify.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our skilled and qualified firefighters for their dedication, commitment to fire rescue, training, fire safety and education, and pay tribute to them during Fire Prevention Week.

Upcoming meetings (In Council Chambers)

– Monday, October 21 – Regular Meeting at 7 p.m.

– Monday, October 28 – Committee of the Whole Meeting at 7 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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