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Posted: July 29, 2014

Sparwood Council Facts

sparwoodlogoDevelopment Variance Permit

District of Sparwood Council July 21 approved a Development Variance Permit application to reduce the minimum front yard setback from 25’ to 19’ at 441 Engelmann Srpuce Drive to allow for the build of a front porch.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Following a Public Hearing to receive input from the public, Zoning Bylaw No. 264, 1981, Amendment Bylaw 1155, 2014 was given third reading and referred to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval. The District of Sparwood has initiated this bylaw amendment to make minor changes to the R3-High Density Residential zone. The proposed changes would permit the use of modular components and permit a modest increase in the allowable height within the zone.

Sparwood Golf Course

SparwoodGCMr. Rod Uhll, Superintendent of the Sparwood Golf Course appeared as a delegation before council to request approximately 30-40 yards of fill from the District of Sparwood to be used for repairs on the driving range and tee boxes. Staff will bring a report with recommendations back to council at a future meeting.

Sign permit

Council approved a six-month extension of the sign permit authorized to Coal Town Properties for the signs advertising Vantage Point Development. The fee is $100 per month per sign, and the signs are located at 1302 Highway 3, 6000 Highway 43, and 1800 Sparwood Heights Drive.

Radon measurement in Sparwood

SparRadonRadon is an invisible, odourless and tasteless gas that emits radioactive isotopes. Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment and is produced by the decay of uranium found in soil, rock or water. When radon escapes the soil directly into the outdoor air, it is diluted to such low concentrations that it doesn’t pose a risk to health. However, if a building is built over bedrock or soil that contains uranium, radon gas can be released into the building through cracks in foundation walls, floors, or gaps around pipes.

Health Canada is proposing to pilot a program in Sparwood to raise awareness and provide education on the risk of radon in homes. There is also a desire to collect additional information on the levels of radon in homes in this community through voluntary participation from area residents.

Council has agreed to participate in the Education and Awareness Strategy on Radon Measurement program initiated by Health Canada.

Medical marijuana

Changes to the Federal Government’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations came into effect in March of 2014 shifting the issuing of licenses to grow marijuana from individuals for personal use to larger operations which will be subject to more security, quality, and evnironmental controls. Council directed staff to prepare a bylaw to amend the District’s Zoning Bylaw No. 264, 1981 to limit and regulate ‘Medical Marijuana Grow Operations’ to lands zoned for agriculture (A-1 zoned lands). Regulations will be set forth pertaining to this matter.

Sparwood Public Library

SparLibraryCouncil approved funding to the Sparwood Public Library in the amount of
$182,104 for the period July 1 to June 30, 2015, which is a basic funding increase of two per cent over the same period last year.

6000 Highway 43

The district owns the above-noted property and previously had extracted aggregate from the site to develop Sparwood Heights. The pit area is lower than the highway making the site a challenge for development, filling the existing excavation and preparing the site for development will make it more marketable. The material is available at a low cost from the Highway 3 – 43 construction project and council has approved a budget in the amount of $3.00 m3 for 25 – 75,000 m3 of material to be placed and compacted on 6000 Highway 43.

Leisure Centre Concession

The Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer were authorized to execute a lease agreement with Ms. Kimberly Teters for a period of two years for the operation of the Leisure Centre and Arena concessions. The lease will commence August 15.

Grazing Land Use Permit

Council approved a grazing permit for Shelley Arola for up to five horses, for the period of September 8 – December 31, for 48 acres of district owned lands across the CPR tracks, from approximately the recreation centre to the Public Works building, at a fee of $288. The new public trail under construction in this area will be closed to users while the horses are located on the lands.

Water Smart Program update

The Columbia Basin Trust Water Smart team has updated their website with the new 2013 water usage data available online.

The new data shows that at the end of 2013, Sparwood has achieved a total decrease in gross water demand of eight per cent from 2009. The data shows that the average residential home uses 282 litres per capita per day, which is lower than the averages for B.C. (426) and Canada (329). The Water Smart Ambassador is working with high users to give them an opportunity to reduce the excessive use before the implementation of metered billing.

Notice of Construction

Highway 3 and Highway 43 – Earthworks and Underground Servicing

Sparwood343This project is the first phase of the Highway 3 and Highway 43 Intersection Project and involves earth moving and underground servicing. This work will begin immediately with the remainder of work on the tunnel and intersection set to begin next year. The intersection will be upgraded to include streetlights to ease access to the commercial/industrial sites on either side of Highway 3.

What and where?

1. The majority of the earth moving will involve removing the berm on the south side of Highway 3. This material will be crushed in the fall and reused onsite for the completion of the intersection upgrade next year. Trucks will be using the existing access road off of Highway 3 as shown on the map, with a single flagger controlling traffic as necessary. By using the gravels for the construction project, significant savings are achieved, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project.

2. Trucks will be hauling excess material to various locations around Sparwood for future use and community benefit.

3. A mechanical building will be constructed on the northwest corner of Aspen Drive and Highway 43.

4. A water line will be installed from this new mechanical building under Aspen Drive, south on Highway 43 and under Highway 3 to the future commercial/industrial site. No disruption to traffic should occur because of this.

5. Some modifications to the water line will occur on Aspen Drive between Highway 43 and Mountain View Mobile Home Park.

6. The storm and sanitary mains may be augured under the highway from the area between Husky and ESSO Gas Stations, with excavation on each side of Highway 3 for the future pedestrian tunnel.

Will there be delays?

For this stage of the project, only minimum traffic interruption will be experienced. A flagger will be stopping traffic heading east on Highway 3, when necessary, to allow for truck access to the site.


The work for this phase is beginning immediately and is expected to be complete this fall with the next phases scheduled to be complete in 2015.


This work is being completed as part of a contractual requirement with the new landowners of the future commercial/industrial site to remove the berm between the highway and the site and to provide water and sanitary servicing.


COPCAN Contracting Ltd. has been awarded the construction contract for this work.

Questions?, [email protected] or call the District of Sparwood at 250-425-6271.

For construction related questions please contact COPCAN Contracting Ltd. , [email protected] or call 250-754-7260.

Garbage Pickup

There will be no garbage pickup on BC Day, Monday, August 4. Garbage that is
normally picked upon the Monday will be picked up on Tuesday, August 5.

Upcoming meetings (In Council Chambers)

– Monday, August 18, Regular Meeting at 7 p.m.

– Tuesday, September 2, Regular Meeting at 7 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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