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Posted: September 24, 2014

Sparwood Council Facts

RCMP – Elk Valley Detachment

ElkVRCMPSgt. Will Thien and S/Sgt. Lorne Craig of the Elk Valley RCMP Detachment presented the First and Second Quarter Mayor’s Report for 2014 during the Sept. 15 District of Sparwood council meeting.

The Detachment reported an eight per cent decrease in calls during the first quarter of the year; however, during the second quarter there was an 8.6% increase in calls over the same periods in 2013. Residents were reminded to lock vehicles to deter crimes of opportunity.

Emergency Social Services

Emergency Social Services is a municipal emergency response program, which provides for the various short-term needs of evacuees and response workers in a disaster or emergency situation. Council authorized the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to sign agreements appointing Sylvia Jones as the Emergency Social Services Director for a further two-year period and Lorna Scarff as the Deputy Emergency Social Services Director for a term to expire December 31, 2016.

Public Relations Committee Meeting

Council approved the following recommendations from the Public Relations Committee Meeting held September 9:

CMDays16District of Sparwood float be put into storage, with the exception of the Coal Miner Days Parade, for a period of two years, and that the funds that would have been allocated to the float be assigned to special LED lighting for the Titan truck;

The Sparwood & District Chamber of Commerce request for financial assistance in the amount of $3,734.52 to top up the Community Initiatives Grants for improvements to Titan Park and new carpet in the Chamber of Commerce meeting room;

The Sparwood & District Chamber of Commerce request for financial assistance up to $2,500 for production of a promotional video of Sparwood;

The District of Sparwood’s 50-year Birthday celebrations in 2016 be referred to the 2015 Budget; and

During the 2015 budget discussions council consider committing $20,000 to a memorial project for the 50-year Anniversary of the Balmer North Explosion on April 3, 1967.

Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw

sparwoodlogoBylaw 1156 cited as “Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw 1156, 2014” was adopted. Under the Community Charter, Council may provide exemptions for certain properties for up to 10 years.

Recreation Fees and Charges Bylaw

Bylaw 1157 cited as “Recreation Fees and Charges Bylaw 1041, 2010, Amendment Bylaw 1157, 2014” was given first, second, and third reading. This amendment provides for a general two per cent annual increase to rental fees as well as some additions and removal of changes to the fees and charges at the Recreation Centre.

East Kootenay Energy Diet

The East Kootenay Energy Diet (EKED) has been officially launched for another year!

District of Sparwood residents are invited to participate in the EKED and start seeing some energy and coast savings!

If you participated in the Energy Diet last year, but did not complete your retrofit, you are invited to access a FREE energy coaching session with a certified energy advisor to discuss your home evaluation report, and determine the best ‘next steps’ for you.

If you are ready to do some retrofits, there are two ways you can start saving:

  1. Access rebates for simple home retrofits (one or two actions), or
  2. Qualify for a $750 bonus incentive by completing three eligible actions.

If you would like to qualify for the $750 bonus incentive a pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation is required. District of Sparwood council has decided to provide an incentive to reduce the cost of EnerGuide home evaluations through the East Kootenay Energy Diet!

For more information about the East Kootenay Energy Diet please contact Trish Dehnel at [email protected], toll free at 1-855-598-4134, or www.eked.ca.

This resource is made possible with funding support from the Regional District of East Kootenay, Columbia Basin Trust, and BC Hydro.

Be Bear Smart!

SparbearIt is that time of year again when bears are bulking up for hibernation and eating as much food as possible. Bears have a very keen sense of smell and garbage or other food sources can easily attract bears to your property.

– Keep garbage in a secured shed or garage until pick up day. Never leave fish or meat remains outside or in your compost. Instead, put them in your freezer or a cold place until garbage day;

– Cooking oil, grease, dairy products or fruit should never be left outside or put in your compost.

– Try using lime to cut odour from your compost.

– If you have fruit trees, pick the fruit as it ripens and clean up windfalls immediately. Remove any unwanted fruit trees.

– A fed bear is a dead bear – by ensuring that there are no attractants in our community the bears do not become habituated to human food sources.

British Columbia Community Achievement Awards

British Columbia’s communities are shaped by the people who live in them, and especially by the contributions of extraordinary individuals. The BC Community Achievement Awards celebrate British Columbians who go above and beyond in their dedication and service to others and who devote time and energy to making their communities more caring, dynamic, beautiful, healthy, and unique.

British Columbians who have made a significant contribution to their communities in B.C. are eligible for a BC Community Achievement Award.

Nominees will have made a contribution in any area that provides a benefit to the community – either as a volunteer or in the course of their work. These include, but are not limited to, arts and culture, sports and recreation, multiculturalism, environment, healthcare, education, civic duty, business, community volunteerism, philanthropy, and youth or seniors’ leadership. Deadline for nominations is November 15. For more information contact the BC Achievement Foundation at 1-866-882-6088, email: [email protected], or visit their website at www.bcachievement.com

ATV and dirt bike use in Sparwood

The District of Sparwood Bylaw Department would like to remind residents that use of ATV’s or dirt bikes is prohibited on district property including parks, trails, walkways, roads, and greenbelts.

Anyone observed operating such vehicle within district limits will be subject to a fine of $100 as well as seizure and impoundment of the vehicle, at the owner’s expense. (ATV, Motorcycle and Snowmobile Bylaw No. 823)

We encourage anyone who witnesses the operation of an all terrain vehicle within the district to call (250-425-6820) or email ([email protected]) the office to report such offence. We would like to give the public the opportunity to remain anonymous when reporting such offence if they wish.

We would like to keep the district trails as safe and enjoyable for all of those who use them and appreciate the public’s cooperation in this matter.

Maps outlining the region where All Terrain Vehicle use is prohibited are available at the District Office at 136 Spruce Avenue and the Recreation Centre.

ElkRiverElk River Swim, Drink, Fish Festival

Sunday, September 28, 2 – 4 p.m.

Join in caring for the Elk River by participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up.

Meet behind the Recreation Centre where participants will form teams and clean-up designated areas along the Elk River. Gloves and bags provided. Please wear work clothes and sturdy footwear. Volunteer appreciation event at 4 p.m. following the cleanup.

For more information about this event, please contact the Elk River Alliance at 250-423-3322 or email [email protected]

Next meetings in council chambers

– Monday, September 29 – Committee of the Whole Meeting at 7 p.m.

– Monday, October 6 – Regular Meeting at 7 p.m.

– Monday, October 20 – Regular Meeting at 7 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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