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Posted: May 25, 2015

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis as to what occurred during the May 22 District of Sparwood council meeting.

Town Hall Meeting

Mayor Cal McDougall
Mayor Cal McDougall

We were delighted to hold a Town Hall meeting on May 13 at the Sparwood Rec Centre.

It was a great opportunity for Mayor Cal McDougall and council to share a number of key issues with the public.

Staff members were available and following the meeting, members of the public were able to spend time meeting with them and Council to discuss specific issues. There will be another Town Hall meeting in the fall.

District of Sparwood Town Hall Meeting video.

Age-friendly Action Plan

Councillor Margaret McKie
Councillor Margaret McKie

The district is in the process of developing an Age-friendly Community Plan. The plan will entail a comprehensive review of the current ‘agefriendliness’ of Sparwood and encompass a review of policies, bylaws, community infrastructure, community services, supports and transportation systems.

An Age-friendly Advisory Committee is being established to work on this plan. Councillor Margaret McKie was appointed as council’s representative on the Advisory Committee.

To read the staff report click here.


Elk Valley Society for Community Living

The Elk Valley Society for Community Living hosts an annual summer program for children with special needs. The program is well attended by children in the community and offers a service that the district is unable to provide. The society is requesting use of a room at the Leisure Centre and access to the pool for program activities. Council approved funding for the dance hall and weekly access to the Leisure Centre pool for the months of July and August for a four-year period starting in 2015. The program will be funded through the Community Health Fund budget.

Elk Valley Trail

Spar TCTrailCouncil supported a joint application to the Elk Valley Community Directed Funds from the TransCanada Trail Society and Fernie Trails Alliance for the construction of the Elk Valley Trail.

The Elk Valley Trail, when developed, will connect Elko to Round Prairie, north of Elkford via Fernie, Hosmer and Sparwood. The trail is proposed to be designated as part of the Trans Canada Trail once complete. To read the staff report click here.

Chamber of Commerce

Council approved a request from the Sparrwood Chamber of Commerce for a special occasion license to provide wine and beer tastings during their appreciation night / fundraising event on Thursday, June 18.

Coal Miner Days 2015

CMD Parade32Council approved all road closures, use of requested facilities, and equipment for the 2015 Coal Miner Days to be funded from the Coal Miner Days budget, as outlined in the District of Sparwood policy.

A Special Occasion Permit was approved for the Coal Miner Days Society to operate a cabaret in the Curling Rink on Saturday, June 13 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. subject to submission of a copy of their insurance. A Special Occasion Permit was approved for the Sparwood Early Years Committee to sell liquor at the Leisure Centre Hall during the Poker Tournament on Friday, June 12, from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. subject to submission of a copy of their insurance.

A Special Occasion Permit was approved for the Sparwood Slo-Pitch Ball League to operate a beverage garden at the Tennis Courts behind the Leisure Centre during the ball tournament on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, June 13-15.

Royal Canadian Legion Michel-Natal Branch

A request from the Royal Canadian Legion Michel-Natal Branch for an adjustment to their property taxes was referred to the Director of Finance to report back to council. Michel-Natal Branch #81, like many other branches across Canada, struggles to stay open. Membership to the Legion is open to anyone 19 years or older and is not just for veterans anymore.


Revitalization Tax Exemption Program Bylaw Revitalization Tax Exemption Program Bylaw 1170, 2015 was given three readings by council. The purpose of this bylaw is to continue the current tax incentive program to developers in order to stimulate and reinforce development within the town centre and act to encourage diversification with the community’s economic base.

2015 Tax Notices

The 2015 tax notices will be sent out shortly. If you are a new owner and do not receive a tax notice by June 8, please come into the District Office to obtain a duplicate copy. Notices are mailed to the owners shown on the Assessment Roll. Depending upon the date of purchase, we may not have the new owner’s information and the tax notice will be mailed to the previous owner.

Senior’s Birthday Book: Sparwood commemorates seniors turning 75 years of age

The District of Sparwood recognizes the contribution that seniors make to our community. Those Sparwood seniors who have, or will, reach the age of 75 years this year are invited to meet with Mayor McDougall and members of council to sign the ‘Senior’s Birthday Book’ on Friday, June 19, at 1 p.m. in council chambers. They will also receive a lilac lapel pin (Sparwood’s flower) that has been specially made to commemorate the occasion.

Please notify the District of Sparwood Municipal Office by June 10, if you, or someone you know has turned 75 years of age or will be turning 75 this year. We will then send an invitation to the recipient to attend an afternoon tea in council chambers. Family and friends are also encouraged to attend. The ‘Senior’s Birthday Book’ will be kept at the Municipal Office as part of our community’s heritage records. Please ensure that you or your loved one becomes part of Sparwood’s history.

Composting and garbage reminder

The District of Sparwood would like to remind those disposing of waste to please use the proper methods when doing so.

Our compost sites, located in Sparwood Heights next to the ball fields and in lower Sparwood by the Fire Hall recycling area, are marked to ensure only admissible materials such as grass and leaves are being discarded there. Garbage, plastic bags, branches and trees are not to be dumped in the compost site as they cannot decompose with the appropriate items.

Your yard waste should be in a compostable yard waste bag or left loose. If you use plastic bags, please empty at the receptacle. Litter Control Bylaw No. 421 helps keep our community and public areas clean.

To report a possible violation or find out more about your responsibilities, please contact Bylaw Services at 250-425-6271. Help us keep Sparwood attractive and safe.

Unsightly Premises

We would like to bring to the attention of all residents that the District of Sparwood has an ‘Unsightly Premises Bylaw.’ The bylaw requires owners or occupiers of property to maintain their properties in a manner that ensures that they do not become unsightly. The definition of “unsightly” includes an accumulation of brush, noxious weeds, filth, discarded materials, or rubbish.

Sparwood Secondary Class of 2015 – Congratulations

sparwoodssYour graduation is a great achievement, but this is just the beginning. Your future will be filled with goals, dreams, challenges, and opportunities that will bring you fulfillment and help you make a positive difference in the world. We wish you good luck as you start a new chapter of your lives and hope you find yourselves along the way. Congratulations graduates! The District of Sparwood wishes you the best of luck in the future.

Outdoor fire pits

It is that time of year again when people want to enjoy a fire in their back yard. Please note that it is a requirement within the District of Sparwood that you must first obtain a fire pit permit. These are available free of charge from the Fire Department and must be renewed every year.

Upcoming meetings in council chambers

Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, May 25 at 1 pm.

Regular Meeting in Council Chambers on Monday, June 1, at 1 p.m.

Regular Meeting in Council Chambers on Monday, June 15, at 7 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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