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Posted: January 23, 2015

Speed limit changes to Kootenay Street North

By Ian Cobb/e-KNOW

City of Cranbrook council Jan. 19 unanimously approved changes to posted speed limits on a section of Kootenay Street North after a request from Kootenay Christian Academy.

Council directed city staff to remove all 40km/h speed limit tab signs and all pedestrian crossing ahead signs that are on Kootenay Street North and install a 50km/h maximum speed sign for the west bound lane past the intersection of Kootenay Street North and 30th Avenue North and another 50km/h maximum speed limit sign on Kootenay Street North (north bound lane) past the intersection of Kootenay Street North and Kootenay Place.

Council also directed Public Works Department to place 30km/h speed limit tabs below the three existing schools zone signs in front of Kootenay Christian Academy on Kootenay Street North (north and south bound lanes) and the east bound lane of 12 Street North.

“Kootenay Christian Academy (KCA) has been operating in our existing location on 1200 Kootenay Street North for 20 years. We currently have 191 students from pre-school to grade nine, and also operate an after school program for elementary aged children. With this large number of children walking and biking along this busy road, both parents and staff are concerned about student safety. In order to increase public awareness of the school’s location and thereby improving safety, Kootenay Christian Academy is petitioning the City of Cranbrook to install a 30-km/h school zone along Kootenay Street in front of the school.

“We believe that school zone signage and slower traffic will ensure a safer environment for our children. We would be happy to discuss this more with you should you require more information,” stated a Nov. 12 (2014) letter to the city from Darin Conroy, KCA board chair.

“The Engineering Department believes that a school zone would be appropriate in the requested location as the school grounds do not have a fence, subject to the 40km/h zone being removed,” noted a city Engineering Department report to council. “The current traffic markings are confusing and are composed of 40km/h tabs under pedestrian crossing ahead signs that do not meet the city’s Streets and Traffic Bylaw. Increasing the maximum speed limit to 50km/h and installing a 30km/h school zone will remedy this issue.”

The estimated cost for three 30km/h tabs, already in place, and installation of two maximum 50km/h signs will be about $720.

Coun. Ron Popoff suggested that a portable speed-reader sign, when one is purchased, could be used to help educate city drivers as to the speed change on that section of Kootenay Street North.

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