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Posted: June 13, 2014

Students awarded $72k in scholarship fund bursaries

The Columbia Valley Community Foundation’s (Foundation) Arnold Ellis Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 to provide scholarship and bursaries to local youth attending training and education at recognized post-secondary institutions.

In May 2014 a total of 40 students were selected for the awards totaling $72,000 from the Arnold Ellis Scholarship Fund. This has been the Foundation’s single largest grant opportunity, thanks to receiving its largest ever donation, in the amount of $1,475,000, to this field-of-interest fund.

“We’re thrilled to award scholarships to the 40 eligible applicants in our largest ever round of granting,” said Jenny Richardson, Chair of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation’s Granting Committee. “The Arnold Ellis Scholarship Fund is an exceptional example of how we connect donors with causes that inspire them. Arnold Ellis’s generous bequest to the young people of the Columbia Valley is but one example of the deep roots of philanthropy here.”

Each of the following 40 students received an award of $1,800 from the Arnold Ellis Scholarship fund:

Foundation ScholsElizabeth Arif, Elijah Beingessner, Trisdan Bracken, Kirby Burk,
Baxter Cranch,
Sean Crowley, Madeleine Danyluck, Alana Davison, Charlotte Dibb, Kevin Dibb.

Hunter Ede, Kirsten Geiger, Morgan Hendry, Brook Hendry, Julia Hoobanoff, Jessica Hromadnik, Nicole Kloos, Blair Kloos, Melissa Larrabee, Lauren Logan.

Sam McIlwain, Jordan Messerli, Megan Neale, Chad Nester, Olivia Rad, Dionne Rad, Miranda Raven, Colin Ross, Brendan Sage, Jessica Salvidge.

Breanna Sass, Leah Shoemaker, Megan Smith, Ciona Thompson, Leigh Thompson, Breton Trask, Ryan Tryg Strand, Sarah Zehnder, Emily Zehnder and Luke Zehnder.

“The Foundation is so pleased to be able to support students between the ages of 17 and 35 years pursuing post-secondary education and training all across the country and in such a wide variety of studies,” said Roberta Hall, Chair of the Columbia Valley Community Foundation. “These students have attended our valley schools for at least five years and are outstanding citizens in so many ways. We are proud of them and wish them every success in their educational pursuits.”

The Foundation will award grants to community initiatives and projects in the fall of 2014. Registered charities in the Columbia Valley can find out more about the fall community grants, and students can find out about next year’s Arnold Ellis Scholarship Fund awards from the Foundation’s website at www.ValleyFoundation.ca.

About the Columbia Valley Community Foundation

The Columbia Valley Community Foundation is a collection of endowment funds, now totaling more than $2.3 million, established by donors from all walks of life to build legacies in our valley communities. Funds are pooled and invested with the income distributed as grants to charitable organizations, and students, in a broad and inclusive manner that benefits the Columbia Valley between Spillimacheen and Canal Flats. The Foundation, in partnership with its donors, has distributed more than $320,000 to registered charities that identified and led over 120 projects in the areas of: recreation, community facilities, children and youth, arts and culture, health and safety, the environment, literacy, student awards and social services.

Together with its community, a foundation enables the unique and essential spirit that flourishes when people believe their community holds possibilities for everyone. To learn more about your community foundation go to ValleyFoundation.ca.


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