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Posted: May 7, 2023

Brisco resident receives Mitchell Award of Distinction

Kat Hartwig of Brisco is the recipient of this year’s Mitchell Award of Distinction, selected by the BC Achievement Foundation Board in consultation with the program’s community.

The award recognizes an individual who, through their work and/or volunteer activities, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to elevating people around them.

As the founder and Executive Director of Living Lakes Canada, Kat Hartwig has demonstrated unwavering commitment to freshwater protection in B.C. for the past two decades. Recognizing that global water challenges caused by climate change need to be addressed at local community levels, Kat’s desire to empower communities to find climate adaptation strategies has tripled water monitoring activities in the Columbia Basin alone.

An advocate for the inclusion of Indigenous voices in water management and Indigenous Knowledge in water policy and science, Kat has prioritized strong working relationships with First Nations. Her commitment to water stewardship is interwoven with a desire to empower young people to make a meaningful contribution towards addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis facing their generation.

Learn more about Kat Hartwig and her environmental work.


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