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Posted: May 28, 2021

Canal Flats’ first piece of public art installed

The Village of Canal Flats is today celebrating the installation of the community’s first piece of public art.

The Portal, by East Kootenay artist Paul Reimer, was this morning placed in Portage Square, in downtown Canal Flats.

Reimer’s work is known throughout the region and beyond.

The village noted thanks in a social media post to the Columbia Basin Trust Public Art Grant Program, the Village of Canal Flats Beautification Committee, Columbia Lake Technology Centre (for donation of the steel) and Village Parks Staff for making the project a reality.

“In addition to repurposed steel from the former sawmill, rocks from the Kootenay River were used in its construction.

“Please pass by and have a look! Art is subjective and in the eye of the beholder and meant to evoke reactions (Hey, some folks in France didn’t like the Eiffel Tower when it was installed!),” the village stated.

Soon a plaque with the following will be installed to accompany the piece:

“The Portal;

“Artist: Paul Reimer;

“Constructed of steel from the village’s former sawmill – a key part of village history and the main industry in Canal Flats from 1928 to 2015.

“This artwork is an invitation to explore Canal Flats – its community, history, and natural environment. Its fluid form reflects the passage of time, the evolution of industry and technology, and the beauty and power of the waterbodies which surround the village.”

Village of Canal Flats photo


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