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Posted: September 26, 2018

Mural helps rejuvenate village

The Village of Canal Flats is pleased with the outcome of the mural on the Columbia Discovery Centre (municipal office).

“This mural has been a project that comes at a time of rejuvenation in our village. This is symbolically represented in the fresh paint of this historically representative mural. The mural honours the history of our village, looking back at where we’ve been, and forward to what is ahead of us,” stated Mayor Ute Juras.

Joseph Cross (Cranbrook-based artist) commented, “the mural project was discussed and considered a few years ago with the (Canal Flats) Headwaters Arts Society. I went back and forth discussing it with local artist, Leslie Cartwright, about the images that could be incorporated. It wasn’t until early this year that I was approached by the municipality to submit a proposal for a historical mural.”

Cross added: “The Invermere (Windermere Valley) Museum was very helpful in helping me gather information for this project, as well as the Canal Flats school who had a good image of Martin Morigeau. I’d like to thank the Ktunaxa Nation for their input and approval of the images I chose.”

In speaking of his experience working on the mural over the summer, Cross commented, “Working in extreme heat and smoke conditions was physically taxing. However, each day I worked on the mural I was visited by staff or local artists. Connecting with the community is important and rewarding for me.

“I’d like to thank the Village of Canal Flats for giving me this opportunity to create public art in their community, and for making me feel so welcome.”

The Village of Canal Flats is grateful for the generosity of the Columbia Basin Trust which funded this successful cultural project.

Pictured above: From left to right – Leslie Cartwright; Sylvie Hoobanoff, Corporate Officer; Councillor Paul Marcil; Joseph Cross; Mayor Ute Juras; Councillor Karl Sterzer; Councillor Marie Delorme; missing: Councillor Erin Gornik.


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