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Posted: December 2, 2016

Orphaned cub bound for Northern Lights

An orphaned black bear cub is on its way up to Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter after being reported to the Conservation Officer Service this month. The cub was likely born last January, making it about 11 months old, and was first reported to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service (CO) on November 6.

WildSafeBC Columbia Valley images
WildSafeBC Columbia Valley images

It frequented a property in Canal Flats off and on since the initial report, and was monitored to ensure it continued to show up alone. The CO was able to live trap it on Nov. 30 on private property. The cub was likely without its mother for several weeks, fending for itself and doing quite well, however it may not have hibernated and would eventually lose all food sources now that winter is here.

The mother was likely killed by train or truck, as the property in Canal Flats is near the tracks and the main highway

The COS deemed the bear cub to be not habituated to humans, therefore able to go up to Northern Lights for rehabilitation. The cub seems healthy and was eating what the COS gave to it while kept overnight on Nov. 30.

Northern Lights volunteers drove the cub up to Kamloops on Dec.1, where a transport company met them to take the cub up to Smithers. Because this cub wasn’t habituated to people, it is able to go through rehabilitation and will likely survive.

It will likely be released back to the wild in the Canal Flats area in June of 2017.

Anyone who finds young, potentially orphaned wildlife is encouraged to contact the Conservation Officer Service (1-877-952-7277). Please do not attempt to help the animal on your own. Preventing habituation is essential for the animal’s survival.

WildSafeBC Columbia Valley

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