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Posted: March 3, 2021

Public art project underway in Canal Flats

Work has begun on the first piece of public art in the Village of Canal Flats.

East Kootenay artist Paul Reimer was chosen by the Canal Flats Beautification Committee – a group of community volunteers who want to see nice things for the Village – to create his piece called “the Portal,” the village reported on social media.

Made of salvaged steel and stone, the piece will be located at Portage Square in Canal Flats.

“This hand-forged steel sculpture is an invitation to the people of Canal Flats to move towards a future that is full of promise, ‘the Portal’ encourages people to come into the art – and become part of it. Their presence and interaction enhances the art and adds to its vitality, just as each individual in Canal Flats is a vital part of the community,” said Reimer, whose works can be seen in Cranbrook and elsewhere in the region.

“The theme of water, so important in Canal Flats with the Kootenay River to the south and Columbia Lake at the north, will be explored through the fluidity of the artwork and the reflective finish,” the village described.

The approximately 13’ long by 6.5’ high by eight-foot wide piece will be installed in Canal Flats later on this spring.

The Portal is generously supported by the Columbia Basin Trust through its public art granting stream.

Image courtesy Village of Canal Flats


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