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Posted: April 8, 2021

Village installing new highway entrance sign

The Village of Canal Flats is getting a new north highway entrance sign.

At its March 22 meeting, village council approved the budget to have the new welcome monument built and landscaped.

The image above is a rendering of the sign to be built. It was created with Grant Illuminated Signs — a sign design firm from the coast — and takes its cues from Canal Flats present: the Village’s new vibrant colours and logo, maintaining the reference to the Village’s prideful place at the head of the Columbia River, and steel to represent the metal fabrication industry in the village.

The old sign has served the village well but is now very much starting to show its age. The large painted sawblade will be kept as a piece of Canal Flats’ History.

The project is currently open for tenders on the B.C. Bid website – interested and qualified firms are invited to submit a tender. The result will be an attractive, high-quality, installed and landscaped welcome monument near the north entrance to the Village of Canal Flats.

Village of Canal Flats image

Village of Canal Flats

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