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Posted: November 22, 2018

Cougar sightings along Lakeview Drive

WildSafeBC Columbia Valley Nov. 21 reported there have been two recent cougar sightings in residential areas along Lakeview Drive just south of the Copper Point Golf Course (this past Sunday and Monday).

Sightings were during the daytime. It is possible that it is the same cougar seen twice.

“A cougar’s primary prey is deer, and cougars will most often will seek out young or injured deer since these make easier prey. It is very rare for cougars to take any interest in people,” WildSafe noted, adding tips on what to do if you spot a cougar.

It is important to know what to do when cougars are spotted in your neighbourhood:

– be aware of the most recent sightings (stay updated by checking;

– keep pets on a leash and indoors or sheltered overnight;

– remove all bird feeders and other deer attractants from your yard (where there are deer, there will be cougars);

– secure or lock up any pet food or meat that may be stored outdoors;

– do not leave children unattended;

– walk with a partner or as a group, and try to avoid walking late at night if you can;

– carry bear spray or a large stick with you for self-defence if you are concerned about recent cougar activity;

– report all new sightings to RAPP: 1-877-952-7277.

“It is normal for cougars to be seen around the valley through the winter, however our communities must be vigilant and make all efforts possible to reduce the possibility of coming into conflict with these predators. They are a vital part of the ecosystem and we need to avoid putting their lives at risk by drawing them in to our residential areas. The best way to do this is to deter deer and other ungulates from visiting your yard,” WildSafe stated.

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