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Posted: August 16, 2018

Cougar sightings in the valley

Please be aware there have been recent cougar sightings in and around the villages of Radium Hot Springs and Fairmont Hot Springs.

Cougars are obligate carnivores. Their primary prey is deer, but they will also hunt bighorn sheep and even domestic livestock if given the opportunity.

Cougar safety comes down to preventing an encounter. If you know cougars are in the area, avoid walking alone at night or making yourself appear small. Please keep household pets indoors overnight.

Avoid attracting prey animals such as deer or wild sheep to your property, by picking up all wind-fallen fruit and installing exclusion fencing or motion-activated lights to deter ungulates from your yard.

If you see a cougar from the safety of a home or vehicle, phone *7277 (RAPP) on your cell phone and report the location of the sighting.

If you encounter a cougar while out walking, keep calm and do not run – stand ground and appear threatening, making yourself as large as possible. Pick up any small pets or children immediately, and avoid turning your back to the animal. Slowly back away, giving the animal a clear exit route. Speak in a loud, firm voice and respond aggressively if the cougar approaches you.

Contact the RAPP line immediately afterward to report the incident to the Conservation Officer Service (1-877-952-RAPP).

For more information about conflicts with cougars, please visit

WildSafeBC Columbia Valley

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