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Posted: September 12, 2020

Doctor Creek wildfire now classified as being held

BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) this afternoon reports the Doctor Creek wildfire is now classified as being held.

The fuel free buffer zone along the southeast flank post planned ignitions — Sept. 12. BCWS photo

“With the resources currently committed to the fire sufficient suppression action has been taken that the fire is not likely to spread beyond existing and predetermined boundaries under the prevailing and forecasted conditions,” BCWS reported.

“As a result of yesterdays planned ignitions and smoke drifting into the area from wildfires burning in the United States, aviation resources are unable to complete a new perimeter track at this time. When smoke dissipates, an aerial track will be completed.”

The estimated 8,090-hectare fire, 25 km southwest of Canal Flats, was discovered August 18.

Yesterday afternoon (Sept. 11), planned ignition operations on the southeast flank successfully brought the fires edge down to more accessible terrain, BCWS said.

“In preparation for the planned ignitions, crews completed a 600-metre-long and 10-metre-wide fuel free buffer zone (pictured above) that ties into a heavy equipment control line on the east flank and a steep rocky avalanche chute to the south.

“Today (Sept. 12), crews are patrolling the fuel free buffer zone and adjacent control lines to ensure the fire does not spread beyond these pre-determined boundaries. Crews are working to establish a water delivery system along this flank to deliver water directly to the fires edge. Small-scale hand ignitions will be used throughout the day today to remove any remaining patches of unburned fuel within the fire perimeter along this flank. Heavy equipment has completed contingency lines along the south and east flanks of the fire to further secure the area.

“On the northern flank crews continue to extinguish hot spots and patrol the area within 100 feet of the fire perimeter. Where no longer required, gear is being demobilized from the northern and eastern flank.

“Two remote cameras have been installed within the vicinity of the Doctor Creek wildfire to monitor fire behaviour; one on a ridge top just west of Whitetail Lake to capture activity on the northern flank and one along the Skookumchuck forest service road to monitor the southern flank,” BCWS reported.

Today, BCWS had 131 firefighters, seven helicopters and eight pieces of heavy equipment on the lightning-caused fire, now more than 80 square km.

The battle continues on the massive fire, B.C.’s largest, as weather is to remain warm.

“Once again, the high-pressure ridge will persist today (Sept. 12) with mainly sunny skies and unseasonably warm and dry conditions. Temperatures are forecast to range into the mid to high 20s with relative humidity dropping into the teens. Warm and dry conditions will continue through the weekend,” BCWS said.

However, a southwest flow could bring a chance of thunder showers Sunday evening (Sept. 13,).

Doctor Creek wildfire public information map

Lead Image: Firefighters work to complete the fuel free buffer zone on the southeast flank prior to the planned ignitions — Sept. 10. BCWS photos

Planned ignition operations on the southeast flank— September 11. BCWS photo


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