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Posted: January 13, 2023

Doerr Family Youth Fund reaches $1 million

For many years, Harvey and Sherry Doerr have worked to strengthen the Columbia Valley community both through hands-on, hard work and financial contributions.

Sherry Doerr served as the Board Chair of the Summit Youth Centre for 10 years and remains a valued advisor today. In 2016, Harvey and Sherry Doerr established an endowment fund which has provided community grants to a myriad of projects.

In July 2022, the Doerrs tragically lost their son Tommy. To honour his memory, they established a new endowment fund: The Doerr Family Youth Fund (Remembering Tommy). The fund’s purpose is to ensure the sustainability of high-quality programming for youth in the Columbia Valley. The fund’s income shall be used to ensure that organizations offering such programs have access to funding to support their continued operations.

Many of the Doerrs’ family members and friends donated to the Doerr Family Youth Fund over the summer and fall. In December, Harvey, Sherry and their son Robert collectively donated $1,000,000- bringing the value of the Youth Fund to $1 million and the Doerr Family Community Fund to approximately $144,000.

These donations are amongst the most generous gifts that the Foundation has ever received and will have a very meaningful impact to our community; increasing the amount of money to be disbursed annually in the Foundation’s community grants program by about 40%.

We need to ensure a vibrant and supportive community for our youth to ensure a healthy community for us all. The Doerr Family funds will serve a critical role in allowing the Foundation to support initiatives and organizations working toward this end.

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