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Posted: June 2, 2020

Fairmont Creek evacuation order downgraded to alert

Cold Spring Creek Alert remains in place

Based on the recommendations of the geomorphologist, the evacuation ORDER for Fairmont Creek has been downgraded to an evacuation ALERT for 24 properties.

It is important for people within the Alert area to remain prepared to evacuate on a moment’s notice and follow updates from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) in the event that conditions worsen and an order needs to be re-issued.

The evacuation ALERT for Cold Spring Creek affecting 33 properties in Fairmont Hot Springs also remains in effect (see map above).

Fairmont Creek and Cold Spring Creek remain active and more debris could come down at any moment, without warning. Residents must stay out of – and away from – both creeks.  All of the debris traps are full and until they are cleared, the public must stay away from the creeks.

The debris trap clean-out is underway and is being prioritized based on the recommendations of the geomorphologist and in the interest of the safety of the community.

Further changes in the creeks or creek flow are still possible, particularly if we get rain.

An information line has been set up at 250-426-2188 or toll free 1-855-346-2188 and, when not staffed, will have a recorded message with the most updated information.

For the latest status on local flooding, the COVID-19 response or emergency preparedness information.


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